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Oct 14, 2010 06:15 PM

Few Downtown Lunches/and Superb service

Chacareo in honor of the Chilean miners.

Galleria Umberto...I phoned in a small order and got on the short line. Woman in front of me ordered 12 aranchini, 12 panzarotti......and then added 10 crust please. Paul said the end pieces all had some crust....and loaded them in boxes. He then proceeded to use the pizza cutter to trim the crusts. The woman saw how silly her requst was an asked him to stop..just cut them.

Ralph said sorry for the long wait and I said, glad to see you doing the biz

GU has been ther for 40+ years, no stars for service in the major pubs...but they take good care of their customers, and don't whine about it.
I can think of a lot of higher priced, fancier places. I don't wonder if they'll be around in 30-40 years.

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  1. Yes I agree a great place, where else can you get a great lunch for $5, and Ralph and Paul are the best.