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Oct 14, 2010 05:42 PM

The Sentinel for Breakfast?

Any recommendations on items the Sentinel has for breakfast?

It opens at 7:30 but the online menu seems to list only lunch items.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Ah well. For lunch their sandwiches sounds delicious.

      1. re: sweet100s

        Still dreaming about his corned beef sando... drool.

        1. re: grayelf

          I finally got to try the corned beef sandwich - delicious as many have said. The lamb / eggplant sandwich was tasty but you need to eat it quickly: the filling is moist and the roll is barely up to the task. The pickle and Andes mint finish off the lunch. Also tried a couple muffins .... excellent. The top was crispy and the crumb tender and moist. Chef Leary was at the counter. Service was prompt and friendly.

          1. re: gordon wing

            Never had a muffin at the Sentinel, but they sound similar to the ones I had at the Golden West recently (the sour cherry muffin was great, while the pear muffin was only okay).

            Haven't had the corned beef sandwich in awhile - might have to put it on my shortlist of things to have for lunch in the near future.

            1. re: gordon wing

              I haven't hit up the Sentinel in awhile; last time I did I found my sandwich to be rather insubstantial. This photo of the CBS appears to agree with this, or is there more CB in there than the photo shows?

              1. re: Frosty Melon

                No that picture is pretty accurate ...... not a deli sandwich in the NY sense but it was still satisfying. The filling to bread ratio is better with the lamb sandwich.

      2. Walk a few blocks to Leary's other shop (The Golden West) and get a bear claw. Fantastic. Also there this week he had fig coffee cake and pork and beans and an apple cinnamon muffin.

        Golden West
        8 Trinity Pl, San Francisco, CA 94104

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        1. re: lmarie

          I second that. The Golden West is super close by and has incredible savory items, like the aforementioned pork and beans (gigante beans, I think, with a poached egg) and creamed ham and biscuit. Both are under $5 and are big enough to be a breakfast for two, if you're not a big portions eater. Both are insanely delicious -- although don't plan on eating them with your hands. You'll need a fork!

          Golden West
          8 Trinity Pl, San Francisco, CA 94104

          1. re: t.susannah.chen

            I wanted to love the creamed ham and biscuit, but I found the biscuit dense and the gravy much too salty.

            The pastries, on the other hand, are wonderful. My favorite is the muffin of the day if it's hot fro the oven, because they manage to get the muffin top super crispy across the entire top of the muffin, and almost crunchy around the edges.

            The bear claw is my second favorite, and something I recommend to people who like croissants and danishes. The center is a little too jammy for me, but that's a question of personal taste. I don't like things like jelly doughnuts.

            The only pastry I did not love was the fig coffee cake I had. It was decent when I bought it, but after it cooled down the cake absorbed all the moistness of the fresh figs and became a soggy mess. Really disappointing after I saved half of it for a late morning snack.

        2. I have had the breakfast pork & beans w/poached egg & salsa at the Golden West. It was a little soupy, but very tasty.

          Golden West
          8 Trinity Pl, San Francisco, CA 94104