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Oct 14, 2010 05:30 PM

Very special New Year's dinner in Hollywood, FL area

It's my father's 90th birthday and we will all be staying in Hollywood, FL for my Dad's 90th birthday. When we get together and go out he always eats fish because he is kosher. I would like to find a "big deal" restaurant that is worth the money I know we will spend to get him a great meal where he could enjoy some meat, etc. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lichow....I think we need more info.

    A) 12/31 falls out on a Friday, so most Kosher restaurants will be closed in the evening because of Shabbat. Is your family dead-set on going out to eat on New Year's?

    B) It looks like you are in striking distance of Miami...can you go to a restaurant there?

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    1. re: vallevin

      Oops, thanks--forgot to add that we are going out New Years Day evening because of that; dinner will be evening of Jan1. Yes, we could go to Miami (or Ft. Lauderdale)-I think Hollywood IS North Miami-- but because of his age we would rather not travel too much.

      1. re: lichow

        Hollywood is not North Miami. It's not even the same county. That's like saying Teaneck is Passaic.

        1. re: lichow

          2 Starting points:

          Please look at the discussion thread on kosher Miami Restaurants:

          Pick out the restaurants you think you might be interested in and cross reference with the kosher restaurant database on Shamash,org

          This will give you address information so you can see which restaurants are drivable for you.
          FYI: Most places will only open 1 hr after Shabbat is over on Sat. night which means 6:30 - 7 PM

        2. re: vallevin

          Sorry! I live in Brooklyn NY....they are in Aventura. We fly into Hollywood; that's why Insaid that.

          1. re: lichow

            Here are a couple places that come to mind:

            Thai Taste
            The Gourmet Carrot
            China Bistro
            Rare Steakhouse

              1. re: DeisCane

                I think Rare Steakhouse is a good option. It's about a 10-15 minute drove from Aventura. It's a nice place and along the lines of a nice Manhatten restaurant.

                Thai Taste (if it's the place I'm thinking of) was really good- they have an Indian menu and a Thai menu. We've had dishes from both, and I would recommend the restaurant. Does your father enjoy eclectic food? If he's more of a plain eater, not sure if this is the place for you.

                China Bistro is in the Waterways shopping area, in Aventura. They have indoor seating and outdoot seating. On a Saturday night, the place can get VERY noisy. It's basically Americanized Chinese food- personally I don't care for the restaurant. It's overpriced for what it is and I think everything tastes the same.

                What about Grill Time? It can get crowded, and you definitely need a reservation, but the food is excellent and there's something for everyone. The food is Middle Eastern style and some of it has an Asian twist to it. They start off by bringing lots of salad dishes and pickles to the table family style, and the sides (french fries, veggies, mashed potatoes..) are also served family style. Another plus is that they have round tables if you're a large crowd.

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  I just looked at Rare Steakhouse looks tremendous & just what I was thinking of! Thanks again.

                  1. re: lichow

                    Rare Stake house is definitely the upscale of the list. Grill Time always gives good food, far more casual and less expensive.
                    I'd make sure they open for lunch on Friday.

                    1. re: mrotmd

                      Seeking more help.....!
                      Rare Steakhouse does not serve dinner on Saturday night.....we are CRUSHED. Forgive my ignorance (I am not kosher but my parents are)....are all kosher restaurants closed on Saturday night? It would seem so, as they would need to prep sometime and couldn't on there any other place that is as upscale and nice as Rare seems to be? My father never would do an upscale dinner for himself but with 12 or so of us coming in....we would like to make it special.

                      1. re: lichow

                        Do you HAVE to have meat? Mozart is always a popular choice and I believe they are open on Saturday night.


                        I've never been there but I grew up in Hollywood and everyone raves about this place.

                        1. re: lichow

                          did you call them and ask or you go by what you read on their website? I know the site does not have the hours for Saturday night, but it reads: We are also open for
                          shabbos and motza shabbos, so they most probably are open on Saturday night during the winter months.

                          1. re: David_BocaFL

                            As it turns out indeed they are. Thank you for the ins and outs of looks like it will be a great dinner.

            1. Post-dinner report: While we were underwhelmed by the decor (lack of) at the restaurant, and the lack of food (we had 3 vegetarians, and were promised fish--there was none at restaurant and they were out of any vegetables we could use as entree), those were some very, very tasty steaks. Well prepared and lovely side dishes. Even great chicken nuggets for the little ones. Thanks for all the advice.

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              1. When in Hollywood FL. i eat out at Levy's Kosher (Meat) or Sara's Dairy Restaurant (Dairy)

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                1. re: ReserveKosher

                  I love Sara's, but Mozart (which I now have visited!) has pizza with a really great crust.