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Oct 14, 2010 04:23 PM

Best eating in Providence

Will be in town for the weekend. Where are the best spots for lunch and dinner? Casual, ethnic, funky and romantic.

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  1. There has been lots and lots of questions on this topic over the last couple years - go ahead and do a search or two. For a casual, neighborhood bistro I love Broadway Bistro.

    Broadway Bistro
    205 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903

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    1. re: Jenkins

      Jenkins really isn't being snarky here. The same question literally has been asked and answered dozens of times over the last few years, and many of us long time posters who've been here long before it was tire of going through the motions (where are you staying? What neighborhood? Do you have a car? etc etc). It's a flaw of the Chow boards model...

      The great recession amazingly hasn't been as devastating to PVD's restaurant scene as many (read: I) had feared, and most of the same standout places you'll read about here from 3 and 5 years ago (Gracies, Mill's Tavern, 10 Steak and Sushi, Downcity, MuMu, etc) are still open and going strong. On the flip side, new openings have been very light since the start of TGR.

      I, and I'm sure everyone here on the board, would be happy to answer some more specific questions you have after doing some searching...

      1. re: Garris

        Garris- A true foodie here, would appreciate your recommendations. No price limit, focused on food, not ethno-centric, will travel. The best dining experience I could have in PVD in December.

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              I had my 10th anniversary dinner last week at Chez Pascal (in town from Atlanta).
              It was really superb in every way. We loved it.
              We even got the location of the food truck for the next day's lunch and were the first ones in line....Oh the bacon wrapped pork meatloaf sandwich with peach and onions, etc.

              Chez Pascal Restaurant
              960 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906