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Les Cocottes de Constant?

Will be staying in the 7th on an upcoming visit. Have heard from a friend that Les Cocottes is excellent. Would love to hear any reviews from those in the know. Merci!

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  1. I like the crab with sucrine lettuce, the arugula salad with lardons and poached egg, the langoustine ravioli with artichoke puree and the chocolate tart. All are delicious and it's a lively place to eat.

    1. Pros: very good cooking at reasonable prices
      Cons: no reservations, diner style seating.

      Here is a recent link: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5228...

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        Another pro: very nicely priced wines by the bottle, dirt cheap selection of wines by the glass, some starting at about 3e per glass.

      2. fun atmosphere, good food. 3 cheers for pied de cochon in potatoes.

        1. was just there last night. place is quite awesome. Had the chicken fricasse, totally classic, really delicious. Get there before 7:45 to get seated immediately or be prepared to wait. I like to be there by 7:30. The ceasar salad (a dish I *never* order anywhere else) is really quite nice as well.

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            Had lunch and really enjoyed it. Excellent staff. Very good frisee/lardon salad, and beouf au carrot, and I know this is heresy, but I thought the rice pudding was the best one we had out of the 3 we tried, there, L'Ami Jean and Epigramme.

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              Thank you all for the posts! Laidback, sorry I missed the earlier thread. Thanks for posting the link. Glad to hear the reviews are similar after two years. Sounds like a place we'll try.

            2. highly recommended, great food, pleasant service and don't forget the chocolate tart ...... a must try.

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                I 'live' in the neighborhood when in Paris. Will arrive Nov. 1 for 6 weeks. I always go to Les Cocottes for lunch on arrival day, unless timing is just vad! I always know that I can go to Cafe or Cocottes for dinner or lunch if I arrive early..which I do. I also dine at Violon. The Constants do feed me well when in Paris. I can get lazy..the food does not get much better and it is so very convenient!!

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                  is it open on sunday by any chance??

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                    Closed Sunday, but Cafe Constant nearly next door is open (and I think it's a bit better in terms of cuisine).

                2. I eat at all the Constants regularly. Can't get food any better anyplace in Paris. Chances are that many of the others probably learned from Christian at one time oir another.

                  Les Cocottes having the bar stools get a bit uncomfortable for long dinner dining!

                  Just returned from 5 weeks there and Violon/Cocottes/Cafe were regulars for me along with Spring twice(dinner), Guy Savoy and a multitude of others..enjoyed my stay and looking forward to arrival in mid April now....

                  1. Well...we ate a Les Cocottes 2 weeks ago and I realize there are many factors that go into a visit, but we won't be going back. The time we have when visiting is too precious to waste on a hit or miss meal.

                    This was our experience:
                    I agree wtih grace3 - the bar stools are very unconfortable for the full length of a dinner, but I put that aside for the food.

                    Service was nice and very professional - absolutely no complaints there.

                    I'll preface the rest by saying that it is likely what you pick as to whether you have a good experience, but I have a hard time appreciating a place that for us was hit or miss - either very good or not so good at all.

                    We started well - I had the pumpkin soup and my hubbie the caesar salad - both were excellent. We moved on to mains and I had a horribly dry beef that was almost all fat. The hubby had a good daily special, but since I don't remember what it was, it must not have been that outstanding. We ended with the saddest of all dessert. The hubbie had the daily crumble which was apple and served cold. Isn't the whole idea behind a cocotte that you can go oven to table? I decided to go with something light and "safe" for dessert - the fresh fruit from the market. It was not fresh. In fact, I would guess it was from a can. It looked and tasted that way anyhow (see attached picture).

                    As I said at the beginning, it was probably just what we ordered, or maybe it was an off night, but we'll give it a pass next time.

                    1. Just a quick review. We went their tonight for the first time and left a bit disappointed. Friendly service (tri-lingual people make me so jealous) but the food was not as good as I hoped.

                      I had the poached egg w/ lardons on frisee. The egg was over cooked and the lardons were finished in some sort of glaze (i believe balsamic?) that i just found odd. My GF had the ceasar which i sampled and found the dressing terribly watery (or else the lettuce wasn't properly dried).

                      We both had the langoustine ravioli w/ artichoke puree. The puree was very tasty, the ravioli was good but not outstanding.

                      The chocolate tart was mixed. The chocolate part was great, the tart crust was soft and pastey not crumbly. The gauffre was not like a Belgian one but more like a IHOP waffle. Yuck.

                      Also for the first time ever in Paris we were presented with the bill without requesting it.

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                        I have found the quality of preparation here to have fallen, sadly, since I first went several years ago. Your experience equaled mine this past September, exactly. I agree about the egg, lardons, ravioli, the waffles and tart (which used to be my favorite).

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                          I am not a fan either. I ALWAYS prefer Café Constant to Les Cocottes. Honestly, I think Les Cocottes has always been more about a certain trendy, young 7e crowd rather than about the food.

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                          True, the lardons were sort of glazed, but my egg was perfect and the dish good. But this was a couple of years ago now. Service was fantastic when we were there. Shame if it's all gone down. Never felt like I'd go out of my way to go back but would have stopped in if in the neighb. Allors...

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                            We wandered by on Tuesday night late (10ish) after having eaten a huge three star lunch earlier in the day.

                            I didn't think the food was anything special.

                            We did however really like the atmosphere. Service couldn't have been friendlier. In fact we shared a four top with a couple from Italy and our waitress was charming. I'd say everyone else around us was local.

                            I also like the fact that I ordered just an appetizer (the special - white asparagus blanched with a orange hollandaise vinaigrette) and a glass of wine and felt completely comfortable doing so.

                            If you are hungry and happen to wander by (which is what we did) I'd say it isn't a bad choice but I wouldn't make a special trip there.

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                              Agreed. I like the counter seating, and every time I've sat among locals, which, for me, is the best part of the meal. My daughter is happy here, so we usually go on a Monday night, typically around 9 or 9:30, which is more relaxed.

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                                To add to what everyone else is saying, we ate here christmas day and had a mediocre meal. Loved the atmosphere and concept. But it was a holiday menu which was nothing special. I had scallops with pieces of white truffle inserted in the middle. Scallops were properly cooked but could neither taste nor smell the truffle. They were sitting on a risotto that was a little too gluey/cheesy for my taste. My husband had short rib which was a little dry. It was topped with a small sliver of seared foie which was a drop overcooked. We also had the foie terrine app which was a little livery for our taste. We chalked it up to it being a holiday but based on the above posts maybe the cooking here has gone down...

                        3. I don't know about excellent, but it's consistently very good, and a fun place to go. The staff is excellent -- very friendly and professional despite always being swamped.

                          1. We went there when we stayed in the 7th, hungry after arriving in Paris and walked in for late lunch...the chicken with mashed potatoes were amazing and the mrs liked her caesar's salad - we also ate at the constant's cafe another night while there because of how good the food was there - the mrs got the chicken again and it was better than the quail and foie that i had

                            i would recommend any of their chicken dishes...and normally I would never order chicken out at a restaurant - however theirs is excellent

                            We would certainly go back to them both again, i think next time we would try to top end restaurant in their line if there is time