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Oct 14, 2010 03:11 PM

Devonsheer / Old London / Wise cheddar waffle snacks

When I was a kid (1940's) my mother used to buy "Devonsheer Wafers". These were sharp cheddar process cheese filling in a sandwich of miniature waffles -- about the size of a Ritz cracker. I was crazy for these, but eventually they disappeared from stores.

After many years, I found them again, now called Old London Waffle Snacks, sold at a Safeway market in Manhattan Beach, CA. Then they disappeared again.

Last year, I discovered that I could buy them from Ralphs Online, and I consumed a couple of cases of them. I just tried again, though, and found that Ralphs no longer carries them (even online). Amazon shows them, but lists them as Out of Stock.

I found a website for Old London, and asked them about them; they told me that they had sold the brand. They suggested that Wise Waffie Snacks were the same recipe, so I tried that: again, no longer available. Amazon says that these are currently not available, and they don't know if they will be again.

These things are addictive. The cheese is tangy, like Kakauna Club Extra Sharp (also getting hard to find), and the waffle crackers have a wonderful crunch to them. I crave them passionately, but fear that they are another of my favorite foods that are going out of existence.

Sorry to whine at you. Anybody know anything I've missed; any comparable products that are still available?

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  1. I used to get them @ You might try there. :)

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      And the correct spelling is Devonshire, though it is pronounced the way you spell it. That might make them easier to find.

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        I do know how to spell Devonshire, but the cheese things were branded "Devonsheer" when I was a kid.

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        Thanks for the lead. They are listed at hometownfavorites, but are shown as out of stock. That's what I had found previously on

      3. I used to love these things back when they were available in Northwest Indiana (the suburbs of Chicago) back in the 1960s or 1970s. They were called "Cheese Waffies" (not a typo--"Waffies," not "Waffles"), about the size of a Ritz cracker, and contained a surprisingly sharp and delightful cheddar cheese. The cracker part of the food was very crisp and had a waffle shape (two crackers with cheddar cheese sandwiched inbetween).

        Someone discussed these crackers a couple of years ago on these boards. It seems to me at that time it was established that Olde London had sold the rights to produce the snack to Wise. As I recall, Wise wasn't making them anymore, but there were some, or at least, one, specialty manufacturer(s)--the kind that specializes in bringing back sentimental favorite discontinued candies and snacks for a limited run--making them, presumably under license from Wise. Rockphiler's hometownfavorites sounds like just such an outfit.

        My computer skills are utterly incapable of such a gargantuan search, but you may want to search old threads and see if you can find the previous discussion. I hope that this helps and good luck with your search.

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          Great minds think alike !. I was just thinking of these little treats. Used to enjoy them in the 60s and wondered what became of them. Haven't seen any around the St. Louis area.

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            Thanks for your detailed response -- your research matches mine exactly. Wise seems to have been the last vendor, but hope is fading fast for finding them in stock anywhere.

          2. Wise Cheez Waffies are available here in the Syracuse area. I love these!!

            1. You can make your own cheddar waffle snacks!
              You just need a flat waffle cone iron.
              I created a recipe.
              1c. finely crumbled cheese combo
              a bit of gorganzola,
              a lot of feta
              a lot of asiago
              a lot of cheddar
              dried Parmesan
              3/4 c. whole wheat pastry flour
              1/4 c. melted butter
              water to mix

              Batter will be thick and pasty
              1Tablespoon onto hot well oiled griddle.
              fry til golden

              Slide it off with a kabob skewer.
              Cool on cake racks.
              Sandwich with sharp processed cheese.
              I like to use a whipped pub cheddar.

              I have to make some of these soon now.
              If anyone makes some money on these please send me royalties!

              1. I used to scarf on the Old London brand like a wolf in the South Bronx in the 1950's. Old London has just recently been forced out of their Bronx factory (I'll skip the gory details).