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Oct 14, 2010 03:07 PM

Looking for Christmas Brunch

With all the holiday cooking, my mother has taken a liking to having Christmas brunch in a restaurant, giving her a well-deserved break. Looking for places that have a nice brunch for about 8 people. Last year we went to the ITHQ and enjoyed it tremendously! But the "boss" (aka my mom) wants to try something else.

Oh, and a little detail: my uncle is a vegetarian so the restaurant needs to have at least one option or willing to accommodate. Eggs are fine, bacon or meat cooking juices will make him sick.

We have a car of course and willing to go anywhere in the greater area of Montreal, or even in Laval or the south shore.

Please help!

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  1. "Christmas brunch"

    christmas day brunch ? or christmas "themed" brunch ? or just brunch near christmas time ?

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Well kind of all 3. Many places offer a brunch on christmas day, consequentially those "events" have a special menu and need reservations. Which is why i am researching the places right now.

    2. giving this thread a little bump before i give up on it.

      Anybody have suggestions on brunch places that might be open christmas day?

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      1. re: SourberryLily

        I don't if there are that _many_ places on Christmas day (but I never really looked at it either)

        You can try chinese or large hotel restaurants.

        Me think most of the better brunch places will be closed that particular day.

        Good luck.


        1. re: Maximilien

          Urgh yeah, that's the thing, there are many places but they advertise it at the last minute... but accept reservations in advance. So what happened last year is when we waited for the adds to come up, the places were already booked.

          The hotels is a good bet though! Anybody been to brunch at one of the nicer hotels?

          1. re: SourberryLily

            its kind of a tradition for me, my family and i eat out on Christmas day as well.
            I have eaten at Kam Shing on Christmas day which is always very tasty for me, and last year, if i remember correcly, i went to restaurant du Vieux-Port for lunch, not brunch.

            1. re: mtlfoodguy

              Oh I looked at the Restaurant du Vieux port and they do mention that they have a special Christmas day brunch. Was lunch there good?

              1. re: SourberryLily

                yes from what i remember, kind of touristy....i had crab cakes and steak, decent food can't really go wrong with it, but havent been back since, not sure if it might've changed.

            2. re: SourberryLily

              If you had a particular brunch place in mind (e.g. Lemeac), you could call and ask if they were planning one. But I suspect most nice restaurants will want to be on holiday themselves on Christmas Day.

              1. re: eoj

                Already called Lemeac and they are closed christmas day. Good idea though.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I would also like to find something similar. Brunch on Christmas day. I wish Le Lutetia at Hotel de la Montagne still did brunch and not just breakfast... it was the most amazing brunch ever.

            Can anyone recommend a hotel restaurant for a good brunch

            Le Lutetia Restaurant
            1430 Rue De La Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z5, CA

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            1. re: socialhvn

              Not a hotel, but Cuisine et Dependence on st-Laurent is nice, and they are open the 25th for brunch.

              1. re: socialhvn

                Too late now but Le Montréalais at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel does the best brunch in town every Sunday. I believe they had a special brunch for Christmas day and will have for New Year's Day. Pretty hefty price, around 59$ per person.

                Usually is 35$ on regular Sundays.