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Oct 14, 2010 02:41 PM

2 Yankees in search of really great mexican and tex-mex--plano area

We'll be visiting from Boston this weekend for a wedding, and was hoping for a few recommendations for really good mexican, tex-mex and taco stands. Or if there are any other cuisines that are unique to texas or the south, we'd be up for that too! This is my first trip to texas, so I don't quite know what to ask for. We'll be staying in plano and in corinth, but should have access to a car, so we're able and willing to travel for great eats. Also, if you could please include best dishes to order from your recommendations that would be fanastic. Thanks for your help!

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  1. In Denton La Mexicana is a reasonably good easy to get to general Taco and seafood place There are better but not a close drive with seating. Taco Lady in Denton is also good, but not really all that "user" friendly.

    La Mexicana
    619 S Locust St, Denton, TX 76201

    1. If you were visiting me (I live in Plano) I'd probably drive down to El Ranchito so we could get things like mollejas and cabrito. The other place I've taken people is Nuevo Leon in Farmer's Branch. I don't think too much of tex mex or Mexican stuff in Plano, there's decent stuff (Chito's) but nothing I'd really want to bring an out of towner to. A nicer place on Henderson is Cafe San Miguel, if you're into that.

      If you're foodies, another thing you can do for lunch is swing by the Dallas Farmer's market and get some BBQ brisket from Pecan Lodge, I haven't had a chance to try it yet but everybody seems to like it.

      El Ranchito
      610 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208

      Cafe San Miguel
      1907 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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        The bbq at Pecan Lodge is really good. I was with air today and he procured a few pounds for home. Curious what his verdict is on the cue.

        1. re: luniz

          Excellent over rubbed, over sauced and cryovac'd bbq!

        2. we're also down with street food and trucks...seating is not required, just really banging food!

          1. Check hours before you drive all over the place. Some might be closed on odd days or only be open during daytime and may be cash only. Since you're comfortable with dives, from my experience:

            El Fuego in Richardson. -Chicharron, lunch specials (open daytime only I think), homemade corn tortillas.
            Casa Milagro across the street. (Tex-Mex). -Chile Rellenos (brisket, puerco)

            El Torito in Plano -Go to lunch here frequently and enjoy most of the menu. Dive.

            Fuel City (of I35 in downtown Dallas) - Picadillo (beef+potato) tacos, gas station, no seating.

            Gonzalez in Oak Cliff (south of downtown Dallas). Thick homemade flour tortillas. If you go ask for salsa fresca with your chips.
            Tortas Las Tortugas - pork Tortas.
            Taqueria El Si Hay a few blocks north across the street from Bolsa. Al Pastor tacos, no seating. There may be a Elotes (corn) vendor next to the shack.

            Local chains you may want to avoid (or not): Chuy's, El Fenix, Ojeda's, Luna de Noche, Mi Cocina, Pappasito's, Blue Goose, Cantina Laredo, Desperados, Taco Diner. These places are usually pleasant and nice but I go for food and there are better values elsewhere.

            614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX

            El Fuego
            1891 N Plano Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

            3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074

            Taco Diner
            7201 Bishop Rd Ste E4, Plano, TX 75024

            Casa Milagro
            1403 E Campbell Rd Ste 110, Richardson, TX 75081

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                thats fantastic! keep 'em coming. Anything we HAVE to eat while in texas? What about bbq?

                1. re: Wannabfoode

                  Here's one you wont find in Boston. Hattie's on Bishop in the Bishop Art's area in Oak Cliff. Lovely restaurant serving really good "low country" Southern cooking. Have the shrimp 'n grits with their incredible tabasco sauce. And, the best Caesar salad this side of California.

                  Another excellent restaurant in the Bishop's Art's area is Bolsa on Davis Street. It's another "must try" that you won't find in Boston.

                  And by the same owners of Bolsa, Smoke. In the Belmont Hotel on Ft. Worth Avenue in Oak Cliff. A different spin on BBQ. Have their eponymous, "Big Rib".
                  Most all the food is locally sourced and everything is made from scratch.
                  I highly recommend all the above. And, you're sure to love Oak Cliff. The best, "not so well kept" secret in Dallas. Happy eating.

                  614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX

              2. Go to Chuy's it awesome. There are 2 locations in Plano.

                3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074