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Oct 14, 2010 02:38 PM


i just made a big pot of turkey stock and topped it up with a couple of bags of frozen chicken stock I had on hand to make my soup. I'm wanting to freeze some of this soup, but am wondering if I can do so as the two bags of stock were previously frozen before. It's mixed in with the huge amount of new stock, so I'm hoping there won't be a problem freezing the new soup. Does anyone happen to know if this is a problem, or am I safe to freeze the new soup with the previously frozen chicken stock mixed in with it?


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  1. Should be fine as long as it tastes fine.

    1. Yep, you can freeze it.

      1. No problem whatsoever as long as it all was boiled again and you should freeze the remainder fast.

        1. No problem whatsoever. I do this all the time. Enjoy! :)