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Don Juan, Pleasantville

Is this restaurant open yet and if so what are the comments. I would like to try it if the talk is favorable.

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  1. Not open yet - but things have looked very busy over there this week. I saw a bunch of chairs being un-loaded from a truck and what also looked like a food delivery there.

    1. Drove by last night on our way to the Iron Horse. It wasn't open yet, but there was activity in the space. And what a great meal at the Iron Horse. Phil never disappoints. I had the special asian style short rib over sesame noodles which was flavorful and fork-tender. Yummy.

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        Any more news on when it will be opening?

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          i dont know ,but i know the guys that took over ciros on marble and there boss says there doin southwestern

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            Hi moron66, So I had know idea Ciros was closing and I booked a party for 50 people in February. I want to still have my party there but have no one to get in touch with... I also a left a nice deposit. I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks D

      2. Don Juan opened last week and seems to have a fairly steady stream of customers. I haven't been in yet, but will check it out soon.

        1. Wow, is this place popular! I think there are more people there on a given evening than there were at 2 Broadway total, ever. It's jammed. What makes it so popular? Was everyone in the area just dying for decent Mexican?

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            We tries to go and it was impossible to get a parking spot finally left...thats the difficult part about that spot.
            Also, I think DOn Emilios in Chappaqua has closed(or at lest has been closed since New Years....

            1. Im telling all of you. Open an authentic mex or asian place and its a gold mine. The ethnic food in northern westchester is shitte.

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              1. I have to tell you the place is awful! I was there Thursday night and I still feel queasy when I think about the food. Everything smelled and tasted the same. The service was awful. Our server actually argued with me about french fries for my son's meal (the food came with rice and beans when I ordered fried and he said fries weren't on the menu. He went to get a menu to prove me wrong but ended up looking like a fool since they were on the menu). I wish it were better because we could use a good place in this area but I will continue to trek down to Larchmont to my fav place Tequila Sunrise!

                1. Fair. The ambience is great. Bartender looked bored.

                  My husband could swear that his chicken was the store-bought-ready-made Perdue variety. I told him "NO' because I wanted him to enjoy it. I wonder if the chef really grilled the chicken. We had the guy prepared the guacamole @ the table. Cheap portion-only 1 avocado for 4 people. It was gone in no time & cost $8.95. We had Churros for dessert since it was my son's birthday. They were fried right then & there. They were warm & yummy. I think the owner should have offered us dessert "on the house" as new customers. A free dessert goes a long way for local customers. I will not be going back any time soon. I can cook everything I had there for a lot less.

                  1. We went to Don Juan tonight to try it out despite a friend telling us the food was no good. We are always excited to have new ethnic restaurants in northern Westchester but sadly, this one is not worth dining at. Here is the review.

                    Arrived 6PM Saturday night Jan 22. they gave us table/booth in back corner. seat backs in booths are shared with the adjoining booth and are also very high so you can;t see anything behind or in front. And the ceilings are quite low and it is very claustrophobic feeling. Seats are shallow (hope you are thin and small like us) and very uncomfortable. We asked to be moved to another table in the middle and they moved us so at least we were not in the closed in corner. We were lucky enough to have energetic kids sitting back to back with us and felt every kick, bounce and movement but that was not what caused the bad experience. Upon sitting, the waiter was so impatient. He approached us almost once every minute very pushy trying to get us to order. We were trying to read through the menu and wanted to have a few minutes to think about. We ordered some beers and sodas and after he brought those he continues to harrass us to order. Finally he just came over and actually would not walk away till we ordered. Just to give perspective. We ordered drinks right away and meals about 10 minutes after arriving. In that span, he came over 6 times!!!!

                    My wife asked for combo enchillada dish but waiter actually said could not be done and she had to get all chicken, cheese or beef because "kitchen was too busy". Amazingly restaurant was still not full but it was comical that he refused to honor something on the menu. finally he agreed to do two out of three like he was doing us a favor. What does he expect, not to be crowded on a Saturday night? We asked for black beans instead of refried for one of the dishes and the waiter rolled his eyes like we are a pain.

                    One positive, the bus boy who brought water and chips was very diligent and available. The food came after about 15 minutes. The waiter brought the food and handed me my plate of shrimp because he could not reach over, I took the plate and it was burning hot. He actually burned me. I dropped the plate from above onto the table and he said he was sorry!! The food was average at best. My $18 shrimp was tasty but for 6 shrimp, small amount of rice and some broccolli, $18 is quite high.

                    Waiter kept coming back trying to take our plates despite us actually still eating. All in all, very disappointing and comical that the waiter was so awful. Owners and maitre'd were courteous and nice but I don't really think they know what they are doing. We wont be back. Need to find a good mexican.....................

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                      Oh geez - we are also very disappointed w/ this place - and we were so excited for it to open. Went about 2 weeks ago for take out. They didn't have a menu online so I sat at bar and had a margarita while I checked out menu. Bartender and staff was super nice - but when we got food home it was horrible. I always figure the take out will be a little worse than eating in so I will keep an open mind - but it was bad. My husband had the same thoughts as Robbi that the chicken was the purdue kind or boiled - it really was gross. I was hoping we had just hit it on a bad night - but sounds like maybe all nights are like that. Going to try Los Abuelos in Ossining next.

                      Los Abuelos
                      38 N Highland Ave, Ossining, NY 10562

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                        I love the food at Los Abuelos...just be aware that the setting is not beautiful (although it is clean and comfortable) and they only serve wine and beer (no margaritas :(....). Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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                          Spot on re: Los Abuelos. The charming family and great food they serve do offset the humble (but very clean) decor. That's our fave place in Westchester for Mexican.

                          Los Abuelos
                          38 N Highland Ave, Ossining, NY 10562

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                        After reading all the reviews, I still decided to try and wish I haven't....Waste of money! and time...Robbi22, you are so right..! And I thought , maybe, you exaggerated..But, alas, NO!! The waiters , actually, did harrass us, tried to make you leave, so they can pack mor epeople. Food is a horror-mostly, from COSTCO and then, they warm it up. HORROR!Literally, EVERY FIVE minutes, someone comes up and ask you something-drinks, water, more food, how was the food..It's imossible to hold nay conversations without some sort of interruptions!! The most annoying place , ever! Will not ever go there and tell all my friends and neighbors about this HORROR in PLEASANTVILLE!

                      3. All of the negative reviews surprise me because the restaurant is owned by the same person as Azteca in Mt. Kisco, which is my favorite Mexican place in the area. It's definitely worth a try if you haven't been (no Margaritas if you're into that though).

                        Azteca Restaurant
                        295 E Main St # 125, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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                          We were among the earlier visitors to Don Juan, also expecting much because of Azteca. Aside from their difficulty handling the crowds (perhaps to be expected, or at least tolerated, in the early days,) my feeling was that Azteca is aimed at actual Mexicans, while Don Juan is aimed elsewhere, leading to the disconnect.

                          Azteca Restaurant
                          295 E Main St # 125, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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                            Would you say the food is "authentic" Mexican (or at least even trying) or just all together "gringo?" Not that that latter is bad, just curious, especially since I grew up in California. TIA

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                              A bit of a mix. We were a group of 4. By the way, this was in the first week or two they were open, a Friday night. We had reservations, which turned out not to mean much, other than that they apologized a lot for their disorganization, then eventually gave us a not great table. We ordered guacamole, and were served what I think had been prepared according to another table's spicing request, but that was not the end of the world, and we just pegged it to their not-yet-organized fumbling. The other 3 of us ordered chicken or beef (or whatever) dishes that they enjoyed. I, however, having had tacos that I liked a lot at Azteca, made the mistake of ordering them here. This dish was definitely a "gringo" idea of what tacos should be, actually more like enchiladas, lots of tortilla, not much meat, very disappointing. Even the enjoyable dishes were not so great as to overcome the other problems: the noise was deafening, the staffing friendly but overwhelmed, and the number of dishes on the menu we were likely to enjoy extremely limited.

                              Azteca Restaurant
                              295 E Main St # 125, Mount Kisco, NY 10549