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Oct 14, 2010 01:43 PM

Don Juan, Pleasantville

Is this restaurant open yet and if so what are the comments. I would like to try it if the talk is favorable.

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  1. Not open yet - but things have looked very busy over there this week. I saw a bunch of chairs being un-loaded from a truck and what also looked like a food delivery there.

    1. Drove by last night on our way to the Iron Horse. It wasn't open yet, but there was activity in the space. And what a great meal at the Iron Horse. Phil never disappoints. I had the special asian style short rib over sesame noodles which was flavorful and fork-tender. Yummy.

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      1. re: byramgirl

        Any more news on when it will be opening?

        1. re: meghan1448

          i dont know ,but i know the guys that took over ciros on marble and there boss says there doin southwestern

          1. re: moron66

            Hi moron66, So I had know idea Ciros was closing and I booked a party for 50 people in February. I want to still have my party there but have no one to get in touch with... I also a left a nice deposit. I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks D

      2. Don Juan opened last week and seems to have a fairly steady stream of customers. I haven't been in yet, but will check it out soon.

        1. Wow, is this place popular! I think there are more people there on a given evening than there were at 2 Broadway total, ever. It's jammed. What makes it so popular? Was everyone in the area just dying for decent Mexican?

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            We tries to go and it was impossible to get a parking spot finally left...thats the difficult part about that spot.
            Also, I think DOn Emilios in Chappaqua has closed(or at lest has been closed since New Years....

            1. Im telling all of you. Open an authentic mex or asian place and its a gold mine. The ethnic food in northern westchester is shitte.

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