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Oct 14, 2010 01:03 PM

Looking for suggestions on diners along I-65, to New Orleans (and/or right inside New Orleans)

A friend and I will be driving from Atlanta GA to New Orleans (via I-85 and I-65). I am looking for suggestions for retro style diners along the way that offer great food and service. I have looked on Guy Fieri's site and have found a few gumbo shacks and, one called *The Shed* in MS. I had trouble just limiting the search to diners. Can anyone recommend some nice places to stop along this route? Looking for diners and not your typical fare/stops. Thanks much!

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  1. Your post concerning road food Via I 85 and I 65 should be on the Central South Board. which covers AL, MS, LA and AR. What kind of joints are you interested in. Diners, country, BBQ, Ethnic or what. Your trip includes Auburn, Montgomery, Mobile, Gulfport and then NOLA. About what time are you leaving Atlanta and where would you like to eat lunch. It's only 8 hours drive. Halfway would be around Evergreen, AL. You could stop for lunch at the Beacon at Exit 96. If you left early you could go to Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile, AL. If you don't leave early you could time lunch in Montgomery, AL and go to Capitol Grill or Capitol Oyster House. Or go to Isaiah's for good soul food for lunch at Exit 1 off I 85. I would go to Ham and High. Let us know more about your plans.

    The Beacon Restaurant @ 316 Perryman St., Evergreen, AL 251 - 578 - 513.
    Capitol Grill @ 1863 Mount Meigs Rd., Montgomery, AL 334 - 264 - 5515.
    Capitol Oyster Bar @ 115 East South Blvd., Montgomery, AL 334 - 288 - 4217.
    Isaiah's Restaurant @ 135 Mildred Street, Montgomery, AL 334 - 265 - 9000.
    Ham and High Restaurant @ 5251 Hampstead High St. Unit 112, Montgomery, AL 334 - 239 - 9982.

    You need to post a message on the NOLA board concerning your visit in regards to budget, where you are staying, are you interested in driving 20 minutes Uptown to good restaurants or Meterie or other parts of town.

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      Shout out for Wintzell's, in Mobile. One of the best gumbos to be found outside of Louisiana. If you miss lunch there, you can still catch "Oyster Happy Hour," 4-7 pm Mon-Fri. 1/2 price ersters, $1 beers, $2 drinks. Not that you all would drink and drive. Wintzell's ambience is decidedly atypical: a blend of antiquated, hokey and demented. The seafood is no joke though.

    2. I love this place. It's Thanksgiving every day of the year. Be advised that my SO thinks I'm nuts and won't set foot in the place. It's on I-65 in Greenville, AL (exit 130).