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Oct 14, 2010 12:39 PM

Italian cheesecake (Long Island)

My sister-in-law is visiting from the west coast, and she has a jones for Italian cheesecake. Any suggestions? NW Suffolk or NE Nassau would be best, but I'm willing to travel.

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  1. What is Italian Cheesecake, actually? The best CC I ever had was many, many years ago at my Italian GF's house. I remember it was thin, had cream cheese and sour cream and probably, graham cracker crust. The only others I've liked nearly that much were similar or Junior's types. I've never cared too much for the ricotta versions.

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      "What is Italian Cheesecake, actually?"

      Ricotta instead of cream cheese. I don't know of any offhand, but I'd think of Italian bakeries or ask any local Italian restaurant locally where they get it. I make a one bowl ricotta cheesecake that takes mere minutes, couldn't be easier, there are lots of recipes online.

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        Please post recipe for ricotta cheesecake. Thank you

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          Here's the one I use; only change I've made is the use of alternative sweeteners to reduce carbs. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Sicilian...

          There's a link on that page to quite a few more Italian cheesecake recipes.

    2. When I want really good Italian baked goods, Patsy's in Lindenhurst has never disappointed me.

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        You sure do get around a lot. ;-)

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          I work on the the road, which has its good and bad points! BTW Franks in Mastic is also an excellent Italian bakery out this way.

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          Thanks for all your ideas. Since I'm a little ham-handed in the kitchen--okay, more than a little--I opted for Patsy's. The cake was enjoyed by all, and my sister-in-law was particularly happy and appreciative.
          Independent of this board, I've also heard good things about Fiorello Dolce in Huntington.

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            I can vouch for Fiorello Dolce, I've just never noticed (it's probably there, though) Italian cheescake there. Best bakery in Huntington, though. Leave it to Coll, though, to cover both ends and shores of the island (or shaws, the way they say it on the south one ;-))

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              Thanks for the kind words, and glad to know Patsy's is still up to par. It's been a little while for me. I use to have one of their cannoli cakes every year for my birthday.