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Oct 14, 2010 12:30 PM

Farmers Market booth?

I have a friend thet is thinking of opening a booth in an inside farmer market. She is a great southern cook. What kind of dishes/products would you be interested in buying from a booth like thais?

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  1. I take it this is a Cincinnati post that need not apply to the rest of us?

    I will answer with Griebenschmalz anyway....

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      I really thought that this might apply to all of great lakes. Thanks!

      1. re: gungadin

        Good...what farmers market is she going to be hitting up here then. Love southern cooking.

    2. my wife and I go to Eastern Market every Saturday, we take the kid and love when donuts come around and hot apple cider. They really don't have a lot of good food inside the Market in Detroit. I think they have some rule that it has to be prepared and brought in a professional kitchen.

      For my time and schedule, I need something I can grab fast and use one hand to eat. I use the other hand to point and pay and grab the bag for the stroller. Stuff like wraps, burritos, tacos would be great. I don't know what southern dishes are both one handed and comfort foods, but I would tell her that something along those line would be nice for most.

      1. BBQ- Southern style pulled pork, boiled peanuts, beans & greens (you can wrap up or taco-fy them like their doing to korean bbq out west). Po'boy sandwhich would always get my boat floating (as would an amazing muffaletta)

        1. Pipe dream, here: fried chicken?