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Oct 14, 2010 12:19 PM

Abbaye Ste Mere cheese from Trader Joe's

I've not a cheese expert, and never wrote a review of cheese before, but I bought some Abbaye Ste. Mere cheese from Trader Joe's, and at first I thought it has this faint/weird fishy bitter/sharp taste to it. Then as I slowly ate more and more, I knew what the flavor tasted like--chinese salted fish!

I discerned salted fish taste/flavor in this cheese, in a good way.

Abbaye de Ste. Mère
This Trappist cheese, made by the Sisters of the Abbaye de Belval, is for those who are not faint-of-heart, but who are also not expecting a washed-rind cheese to overwhelm. The happy medium - sweet, vegetal, zingy, pungent, and aromatic. Solid, smooth, semi-soft paste, the color of straw; the rind has the hue of light brown sugar. Made of raw cow's milk, aged for at least 60 days. From Normandie, France.

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