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Oct 14, 2010 11:39 AM

Manasquan residents question

My parents live in Manasquan in an 'Active Adult' community. They're having some health issues that make it difficult to get out at times. Do any of you have some suggestions for restaurants that deliver food, or grocery stores that do? My parents have absolutely no idea about any of this, and they really don't socialize much in the community. So, I have no one else to ask these questions of. They live across from the Shop Rite, but surprisingly, they don't deliver. It would be so much easier for me to just order food online for them than to have to bring it over from where I am. I am also worried about them going out in the winter; if we have another one like last year. Any suggestions/thoughts? Thanks

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  1. I have a friend who told me she enjoyed the Peapod/A&P delivery service to her home in Brielle.

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      +1 for peapod. My boss uses them, and even loves the fresh vegetables they pick out. But I think you have to use a credit card when ordering. They even let you pick the delivery time, within a specific window!

    2. Giunco's market in Sea Girt did this some time ago. Not sure if still do but worth a shot.

      1. Drew's Market in Spring Lake Heights delivers. Give them a call and see if they will go to Brielle.

        Drew's Market
        2407 State Route 71 Ste 6, Spring Lake, NJ 07762

        1. As for restaurants, Szechuan Tokyo in the Sea Girt Mall has an online menu for ordering and would probably deliver to your folks' address. They offer multi-Asian dishes, I'd say B- quality on their best offerings.

          Tanola's (sp) is a relatively new pizza/Italian place in Brielle that I would think would deliver there too. I can't say much about the food as I have only tried the pizza once. I did like it enough that I am looking forward to trying it again. They offer a pretty large menu for such a small place. The next time you're in the area it might be worth grabbing a menu (the place is on Riverview across Higgins, basically at the foot of the bridge).

          At the bottom of the following page is some info regarding Manasquan Seniors. I know some of them and find them to be decent people.

          Szechuan Tokyo
          State Highway 35 Sea Girt Ave, Manasquan, NJ 08736

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            Thanks all of you for the info. And, any other suggestions you have of who delivers as far as restaurants go would be great. I haven't tried the new place in Brielle, but will check it out. Part of my frustration is my parents are completely technology backwards: no computer, no cell phone, no MAC just makes everything so difficult to help them from over an hour away. They have never ordered even pizza for delivery, and have no idea who around them delivers anything. I wanted to get them a bunch of menus to keep in case they can't get out and just want food delivered. And thanks for the link to the Manasquan site. Much appreciated.

          2. I know that Manasquan Pizza delivers, they are on Main Street in town. Also, George Lu's Chinese, right across the street delivers with a $10 minimum charge. I've eaten the pizza, and it's ok. And the chinese is typical american style chinese food.

            Also in Brielle, i see the Mileto Polish/American Gourmet place delivery vehicle driving around. The hair salon folks seem to love them. They get lunch from there frequently.

            Manasquan Pizza
            179 Main St, Manasquan, NJ 08736

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              Miletto moved to Point Pleasant, but they might still be worth a try. They made some pretty decent Polish foods - good kielbalsa and pierogi.

              I'm not sure of the delivery radii for the other two spots.