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Oct 14, 2010 11:37 AM

Tappo - New Restaurant in Downtown Stamford

Grand Opening is tonight per the Stamford Advocate. Has anyone heard anything about this place?

Menu on website looks good - something a little different from current downtown options:

Hopefully they get enough foot traffic there - seems like there's been a lot of restaurant turnover on Bank Street.

Wondering how similar this will be to the new Italian place ( going in where Bennett's used to be (from the Napa & Co team).

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  1. Wow, both look interesting...I hope at least one of them is good! Nice heads up.

      1. My wife and I ate at Tappo's Oct 8th. The inside of the place has warm tones somewhat rustic and was chic but comfortable. We really like the vibe of the restaurant. The staff was very friendly. They have brick oven pizza which i love so we started off with the margherita pizza which we thought was excellent. It was a little thicker then we were used to out of a brick oven but it was delicious. Very fresh ingredients. Our next two plates were the fried calamari with sage leaves and the fried artichokes. The fried calamari were fried lightly and very tasty but oddly there was no dipping sauce that came with them. Next was the fried artichokes, unfortunately they were over fried which was a shame. Someone really should be checking the dishes for quality control before they come out. Next i had a half order of one of there homemade pastas the tagliatelle ragu which was excellent. They initially weren't sure they can do half orders since they hadn't had the request yet but they accommodated the request. Unfortunately i was charged full price for the dish when i received the check not sure where the confusion was but not a big deal since it was a really good. My wife had the sliced rib eye which was cooked to perfection and also very tasty. All in all we thought Tappo was an excellent addition to the Stamford restaurant scene and will definitely go back. Like all new restaurants they have to work some of the kinks out. We also met the owners wife who was very nice and accommodating and I'm sure if i brought up the overcooked artichokes and the over charge on the pasta should would of taken care of it but I'm not one to complain when dining at a restaurant that was only 2 weeks old.

        1. Stopped in for a fast lunch so didn't sample much. I had a margherita pizza with buffallo mozz, done in the neopolitan style. Very fresh ingrediants, good mozz, tho I could have used a little more basil. While I prefer a thinner crust, I thought it was tasty. However, the inner third of the crust was thinner than the outer 2/3rds and was a little too floppy. A quibble. Will be tasting authentic neopolitan next spring in Naples, so will be interesting to compare.

          Still prefer Colony, Tarry, or Pepe. And yes, eagerly awaiting Mary's new place on Spring.

          My lady had the pesto penne with diced green beans, which was superb. The fresh noodle perfectly cooked el dente, so not rubbery in the least, which can be a problem with penne.

          Since we didn't order desserts, a small plate w/ two home made chocolate chunks was brought to the table by one of the owners . They were comprised of French chocolate and Piedmont hazelnut. Wow !!!!

          The service was outstanding... the waitress very professional and smooth for so young a place. The two owners aware of every table in the house, even personally serving an array of breads and wonderful EVOO.

          Great imaginative space.

          It's a warm, welcoming tratt.. A casual addition to the Stamford scene and and not redundant to the more expensive and serious Columbus Park, Emme, Aria, Sienna, etc. However on the far end of Bank street, and with the demise of Duo and Plateau, it's somewhat off the beaten track. The spot doesn't have the street vibe of Summer, Main, or Bedford.

          We will be back. It's fun. And the desserts really do beckon. God that was good chocolate.

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            Thanks for the report louuuuu! Sounds like a must-try.

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              "the inner third of the crust was thinner than the outer 2/3rds and was a little too floppy. A quibble. Will be tasting authentic neopolitan next spring in Naples, so will be interesting to compare."

              I think that's what puts a lot of folks off with regard to neopolitan style here in the states. Keste and motorino and others in NYC, and Ortica in So Cal all are that way. At first I thought it was a failure. Pizza snobs corrected me. It's growing on me, I guess. Regardless, all of the aforementioned places make delicious pizza. Looking forward to trying Tappo when I'm in town again.

            2. boss just brought back some margarita pizzas from Tappo

              buffalo moozarella
              fresh olive oil
              soft doughy brick oven crust..
              need i say more?

              i am in LOVE......

              and frank pepe' out

              Yah, i said it!