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Oct 14, 2010 11:29 AM

Must Eats in Doha?

Hi, all. I am traveling to Doha for a week (my first trip to the Middle East), and want to know the best places to go. Price is a factor, though I am open to all price ranges if it is a do-not-miss experience.


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  1. Did you find any good places to eat in Doha?

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      Bringing this one back up to the top. Any recommendations?

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        For expat western-styled food then I have a few recommendations...
        Breakfasts/lunches are all good at the coffee shop cum bakery PQ - Pain Quotidien in Villagio Mall. Fresh salads, beautifully baked breads and decent coffee. An all-round good option.
        Most hotels in Doha offer value for money lunch deals during the week (Sun-Thurs in the Middle East) and the best I've found has to be at W hotel's Market by Jean-Georges. The menu is simple but with a French twist. The special is basically a 3-course lunch for a mere 90 QAR (less than 30 USD) which in Doha is an amazingly low price to pay for a quality meal. You have 3 options within each course and I can't write about Market without praising the Tomato Soup. It's a must.
        For Arabic food and shisha (water-pipe) then I always suggest the Souq. Any of the restaurants will offer traditional dishes, but it's the ambience you must experience really. Make sure to order Hummus wherever you go. It's always served with freshly baked pita bread. And of course the mint tea!
        If you wander about the Souq in the evenings you're sure to come across the women sitting on the floor in front of portable gas hot plates. If you aren't opposed to watching people prepare your food with their bare hands then try one of the crepes. Your choice of fillings include chocolate, cheese spread and fresh egg. Any are worth sampling. The crepes are always crispy and I find it hard to share mine.
        Grand Cafe near Ramada Junction is also a good choice. You'll find plenty of locals at the tables with their laptops and their shisha pipes. Try any of the unusual local starters and remember that if you dont want them to add sugar to your freshly squeezed fruit juice then you must tell them so when you place your order.
        These are the restaurants/cafes I frequent most regulary. Hope this helps!

    2. Anyone traveling to Doha can look up Time Out Doha for local listings and reviews. PS. Don't go looking for "Qatari" food because the locals don't go out to eat their food; the best cooks are found at home. You can find good Arab (Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, etc.) and Persian food around town, as well as Western chains (both upmarket and fastfood can be found easily).