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Oct 14, 2010 11:28 AM

Looking for info on Armonk's New Restaurants - North and Moderne Barn

Now that I have some income again, I'm excited that there are some new restaurants in my backyard? Does anyone have some feedback on these new places? The word in town is that North has super slow service and Moderne Barn is too pricy, but I trust chowhound feedback more...

PS, looks like Beehive is actually going to reopen - The work inside seems to be moving quickly!


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  1. I assume you have seen the recent (10/10) NYT review of Moderne Barn.
    I too would be interested in learning CH-ers RECENT comments on either Moderne Barn or Restaurant North.

    1. North is phenomenal in every way- food is executed beautifully and so tasty. wine list is brief but solid choices at all price points. service is attentive and interested. Good luck getting a reservation, though. If you want to eat dinner on a weekend night at a "normal" dinner hour ( ie, not the early bird special) you might have to wait a while. North is not cheap, but worth every single penny.
      Moderne Barn isn't worth any money spent there at all in my opinion. Bland, ordinary menu and service that borders on comical if it wasn't so pathetically slow and clueless. I felt like we were on Candid Camera the entire time we were there. And we were certainly there a while, and not by choice. We had an 8pm reservation and didn't leave until 11:45pm due to service issues and not being able to get our check.

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        I agree with MRS completely. Skip Moderne Barn. North was excellent. It reminded my husband and me more of a NYC dining experience than Westchester. MB on the other hand was all style (assuming one finds eating in tricked out barn stylish) and no substance.

        1. re: mla19

          We ate at North on Saturday night!! The food was, as always, perfection!! I particularly loved the short ribs w/ sweet potato puree! We also had some wonderful flatbreads to start! Can't wait to go back. It is my new all-time fave.