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Oct 14, 2010 11:21 AM

Frozen Squid - Weird Salt like stuffing - what to do?

There was sale at my local grocery store on frozen Squid --- I have never purchased squid before (frozen or fresh) other than ordering it in a a restaurant. The squid still had the head, which the instructions on the package directed to cut off...they didn't have the tentacles. I defrosted a few of them in hot tap water and cut off the heads, then cut open the bodies....only to find these weird large crystals that looked like sea salt. The cavities of the frozen squid were filled with them...I tasted them, but they didn't taste like salt...they just tasted really fishy/squid like.

What were these white/cream crystals? Any help....I was planning on making a seafood stew with tomato base, but now I am scared to use these squid b/c I have no idea what those little balls were...

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  1. I think you are talking about sperm and eggs, which are in squid. Just clean the innards out and cut up the bodies. I'm baffled how you got the heads without tentacles, but never mind.