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Oct 14, 2010 11:20 AM

Want to experience true Atlantic Canada

My husband and I are flying into Halifax tomorrow night (15th) for a wedding. We'll be staying in Prince George Hotel until Monday (18th) and will have until Wednesday lunch to discover Nova Scotia (will have a car from Monday) and find the most spectacularly local dining spots. I would love suggestions on great local eateries but not the so called "high end" restaurants that will just serve us pricey fare we can find at home in Toronto. We would love little seafood joints, farmers markets, lobster/clam bake and neighborhood hangouts. We've got plans to head over to the Lower Deck on Sunday so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. The Markets near the waterfront, both old and new are great (just ask any local for directions). I love Jane's on the Common (it is recommended on here a lot), and the "Battered Fish" on the waterfront has great fish and chips - their special sauce is fantastic.

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      Thanks! "Battered Fish" sounds like fun. I guess it's close to the markets then? Are there any notable vendors I should check out at the market?

    2. Hoping this is not coming too late, but 2 recs for places within reasonable driving range of Halifax would be, imho, the Candleriggs on the Lighthouse route just before Peggy's Cove- great local seafood, continental and Scottish, even, and a bit funkier, the quirky Magnolia's grill in downtown Lunenburg. great for showing off the local seafood and produce in inventive, nonpretentious fashion. Ye shan't regret it, they're Some Good!

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        That's awesome! We were planning on visiting Lunenburg and Peggy's Cove! Since we only have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lunch in Nova Scotia, we were very limited in how many places we could try. I've read about the Magnolia's Grill from another post on here so I'll definitely check it out. Thanks again. We'll have our netbook and smartphones handy so keep on posting if you think of anything else!

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          Not on a culinary note, but if you'll be in that area, do take a slight detour over to Blue Rocks-definitely worth the time! The haddock braemar entree and bananas foster dessert are fab @ Candleriggs, and,if available, for a true maritime treat, try the cod tongues and cheeks @ Magnolia's.The, back to Spadina for some lanzones and to Yonge for some tongue,eh?