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Oct 14, 2010 11:18 AM

New Cookbook: Nigella Kitchen

Just got a copy of this new book. Lots of recipes I want to try, including just about all of the desserts. I write a Holiday Gifts column every year that always includes 3 cookbooks. This year it's going to be Dorie's, Nigella's, with the third still to be determined.

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  1. I'll be curious what you think of this book once you start cooking from it. Greedygirl said (in some thread somewhere) that she'd had a peek in a bookstore or something and didn't find it that compelling.


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      The TV series is still running here in the UK. I'd tend to agree with greedygirl's take on the book. I'm not a great fan of Nigella recipes and reckon that,as time has gone on, they have continually deteriorated. This seems marginally better than her offerings in recent years but not worth me buying until it's very, very cheap in the remainder shop.

    2. I've made the guinness ginger bread, the "blondies" with dark choc chips, and the chocolate orange cake. I thought they were all pleasant but not outstanding. The choc orange cake had good flavour but was somehow dry, possibly from too much cocoa - felt like the batter maybe needed some sour cream or yogurt to help it along. Blondies were delicious but required a dash of salt - they are very sweet! I added the salt to the mix because I could see I wouldn't be able to stomach them without it. A friend deemed them amazing... but I am not sure when I would make them again. The ginger bread is good but I have a better recipe.

      1. Did you decide on the third?