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Oct 14, 2010 10:09 AM

Chima (Charlotte)

Anyone been there? How is the food? And what are their prices (yeah, I don't expect it to be cheap)?


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  1. I went to the one in Charlotte and thought it was excellent. The bar area is gorgeous, not sure if they're all like that but the bar alone has become a big hit here. It's not cheap and it's a LOT of food, but I thought it was great and I wasn't paying (so even better).

    1. I too have been. I will say it is far superior to Brazas and the salad bar items are very good. That said, if you want a really good steak, go to Ruths Chris or del Frisco. If you want an up-scale all-you-can-eat, Chima

      Brazas Restaurant
      4508 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28205

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      1. re: hazardnc

        Unfortunately, NC basically kills getting a good steak anywhere but my kitchen thanks to the stupid at-least-medium-doneness law.

        But I'm interested in stuffing my face with all kinds of meat; crassness be damned.

        1. re: ostrakos

          The law you speak of applies to ground meat not steak.A steak served medium rare is fine as it is an intact muscle. all of the bacteria will be on the outside of the steak. The steak can be served medium rare because the bacteria on the outside will be killed during normal cooking. A hamburger has been ground up, and all of the bacteria that were on the outside of the steak are now ground up and dispersed throughout the burger. For that reason you must use a thermometer to ensure that the internal temperature is high enough to destroy the bacteria on the inside of the hamburger.

          1. re: GodfatherofLunch

            This is true, you can happily order a raw steak at a restaurant if you could convince the kitchen to give it to you. If there is a place that restricts the cooked temperature, they're full of it.

            1. re: billyjack

              There are also several restaurants that will give you medium rare hamburgers. I don't know if they are simply unaware or unafraid of code enforcement but I know I love their burgers.

              1. re: southernitalian

                If they grind their own meat they can serve burgers rare or medium rare.

                1. re: Jeanne

                  As stated above this is a popular misconception. Ground meat must be cooked to temp. That is the law.

      2. Chima is very good for the quantity, selection and quality of meats and salad bar. You can sign up for special email deals and they often have bar specials. Chima gives you an opportunity to try many different cuts of meat, such as beef heart, which you wouldn't find at American steakhouses.

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        1. re: nickdanger

          I had beef heart a long time ago. It was braised in a hunter style dish. It was very delicious and tender as I remember. It was slow cooked to allow the heart which is essentially a muscle to become tender. Are you certain it was beef heart that was grilled? Was it tender?

          1. re: GodfatherofLunch

            Okay heart must be cooked either very long or very short to be tender. Cubing and a long marinade also helps with tenderness. So grilling would work well, who knew?

        2. I've been to the Chima in FLL many times; never Charlotte.

          If I can share a tip, go for lunch. Prices are 30-40% less. Only difference isw no filet mignon; which I don't find that flavorful. They cook and serve the meat to your desired degree of doneness

          I just hope Charlotte is open for lunch; I've begged them to open in Boston. Nice meat dinner, some Malbec, cigar and nap..:)

          I've eaten at a number of Churascarrias in the US; and these guys are the gold standard.