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Oct 14, 2010 09:39 AM

Lunch spot along I-87

Will be traveling from Ramsey, NJ north on I-87 towards Albany before hanging a right on I-90 into Massachusetts. I was hoping for some recommendations on where I should stop for lunch anywhere north of Newburgh area. Need to stay close to I-87, but would be willing to travel up to 10 miles out for really awesome place. Price range preferably below $15 per person. Not interested in diner food or a hot dog stand, looking for a bistro or somewhere quaint to stop and get a good meal. Open to a variety of cuisines.

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  1. Kingston (thruway exit ?), Albany (Northway exit 2 is Central Ave.), Saratoga Springs (probably too far North) . . .

    Central Avenue heading towards downtown Albany you have Phoenicians (Lebanese), Grappa 72 (Italian), CCK (Chinese), Van's (Vietnamese). I have not been to Van's.

    Maybe Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany? Creo' or Provence.

    Downtown Albany more choices . . .

    You might want to do a search of this Board. Lots of posts.

    1. Miss Albany Diner (MAD) just outside of downtown Albany, not far from Huck Finn's Warehouse.

      Please note CASH ONLY. Closed Mondays. Hours: Tues. - Fri. 7:00 - 2:15, Sat. & Sun. 9:00 - 2:15.

      1. Skytop Steakhouse and Brewing Company in Kingston. Barely about a mile from the Kingston I-87 exit 19, just off Route 28 West. Nice view, good food ranging from burgers and pizzas to a full dinner menu on a higher scale. Excellent handcrafted beers.

        1. Exit 19 Kingston on I-87. You can see it from the highway. There is a hotel and it has a sign over it that just says STEAK. I do not remember the actual name of the place but the food is always good there. I stop there when ever Im traveling threw. Good burgers and good meals. It is inside the hotel.