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Oct 14, 2010 09:08 AM

Anyone know where to find palm sugar?

I've been looking high and low for palm sugar. I was given a recipe for a tropical version of fruit cake, but the recipe called for brown sugar. I was hoping I could find palm sugar for a little bit more of an exotic and tropical flare. I've not seen anywhere in rhode island with palm sugar? Any one know of where to find it or how to make it?

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  1. The US 1 Farm Market on Ella Grasso Blvd. in New Haven has it, in additon to many other tropical foods.

    1. I am in CT so my suggestions won't help you, however palm sugar is usually readily found in Asian grocery stores. I would find your nearest decently stocked Asian market and chances are you'll find it there.

      1. Grendal,
        I'm pretty sure Whole Foods in Providence has it!
        :) LB

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          whole foods providence? Where's that located?

          1. re: Grendal

            Here's the link for the store page in Providence, 601 North Main Street:


        2. Almost any Asian or Spanish grocery will have palm sugar.

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            I second this reply. I get it in any Asian grocery. It will come in small brown cakes, and you will have to grate it.