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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer color choices

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I am looking into finally buying myself a stand mixer. I have been staring at the colors on websites for months, but just don't feel comfortable making a choice based on the online images. They look different at every site! Monitors are so unreliable...

I'm willing to do some leg work for this, but I would prefer to stay in eastern MA and Northshore/Southeastern NH areas. Feel free to recommend stuff south of Boston too though! I have a couple of months till the intended purchase date.

My question is; where have you seen different colors of stand mixers in stock at stores? What colors were there? So far I've seen green apple, empire red, buttercup, cobalt blue, and I think the blue willow color on a blender. (All in Keene, NH) (I am not interested in metals, black, or white.)

The greatest find would be a store that had more than one blue, yellow, or red side by side. Especially gloss cinnamon and cornflower. I'm afraid gloss cinnamon will look brown or muddy or the cornflower will look really pale in person... does anyone have one of those that they can comment on or compare to a common item/brand label?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. williams sonoma in the copley mall carries them and when i bought mine a few years ago they had 5 or 6 in a row. can't guarantee that they have them all, but its a place to start

    1. The Burlington Mall has a Sur la Table and a Williams Sonoma. You can try calling both stores to see which colors they have on display and if together they cover the ones you want to see in person, then make a trip there.

      206 Worcester Rd, Princeton, MA 01541

      1. Got mine in black: it goes with everything.


        1. If you plan on using yours a lot, either for heavy duty mixing or using the attachments a lot, I suggest getting the higher powered one. I had the Artisam KA mixer, used it weekly for six years and it literally went up in flames a few weeks ago while using the pasta attachement.

          1. get it on Amazon, any color will do and don't forget the pizza hook....

            1. I like the yellow with red flames.

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                While originally blue, mine is now flour colored. I love it, but keeping it clean is hard.

              2. Got mine in the very sexy non-shiny black color. I think they call it Imperial black.
                I would second giving Williams Sonoma a try. I think they have a few colors in the store. I bought my mixer at a Lowes a few years ago... don't remember if they had multiple colors there though. It was a special order discount thing at the time.

                1. Mine is grape color KA Artisan series and agree with Cassoulady that if you plan on using it a lot get a stronger one.

                  Mine struggles when I'm mixing broiche and gets hot when making batches of homemade marshmallows.

                  I believe awhile back I did see quite a bit of them on display at the Sear at South Shore Plaza. Wonder if you can call Sears, Target, William Sonoma etc to see which one they carry.

                  Good luck in your decision.

                  206 Worcester Rd, Princeton, MA 01541