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Oct 14, 2010 08:06 AM

Avenues cost per person?

Sorry if asking about cost is a complete rube thing to do, but I'm wondering what I can expect to pay for a dinner for 4 at Avenues.

I looked at the menu online and I'm specifically interested in the 8 course traditional dinner menu. My brother and I are thinking of taking our parents there for their 40th wedding anniversary on Oct 29th.

We're not huge wine drinkers. My dad actually doesn't even drink wine so he'll most likely just have 3 or 4 beers throughout the night. My brother, my mom and myself will probably drink wine but, like I said, we're not huge into wine so we'll probably just get whatever is fairly cheap.

So, I guess my question is what can I except to pay just for the food? I can probably figure out the alcohol on my own since only 3 will be drinking wine and we won't be ordering anything exepensive anyway.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. The 8 course tasting menu is $125. (Early) congratulations to your parents!

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    1. re: ramenbound

      Thank you.

      Just curious how you think Avenues compares to say TRU and Charlie Trotters. $125 seems pretty reasonable to me based on the menu. Oh, the other one on my list was Everest.

      Charlie Trotter's
      816 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

      1. re: whoopdido

        I wish I could tell you. I was burning to go - scheduled to on the last day of my trip to the windy city this past week - but then Schwa opened up, and I couldn't turn it down.

        $125 is quite reasonable; comparable to the tasting menus at Trotter's and Everest which are $135 and $125 respectively. Can't speak to Everest or Tru (have only had dessert tasting) but I'm fresh off a meal at Trotter's, which I'm sure is not quite as forward thinking as Avenues but wonderful nonetheless. At Avenues, you can certainly expect a great deal of innovation; risk-taking; more molecular gastronomy (Curtis Duffy is an Alinea alum).

        Most of the frequent posters on this board have not seen Avenues since Duffy took the reigns two years ago, but I'm sure most would agree - you can expect one heck of a meal there.

        1. re: whoopdido

          IMO, Aveneus is superior to Trotter's and TRU in terms of food - the concept is more focused and the flaovr profile is more balanced. Everest's food is also excellent, with a more traditional presentation as compared to Avenues. Although I prefer the service at Avenues over Everest.

          Trotter's has great service, and TRU has a handsome looking dining room. Although I am unwilling to pay top dollars if I am not crazy about the food.

          My two cents.

      2. J/w if you wound up going for Avenues; if so - how was it?