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Gonzales Meat Market now in SA

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Was on my way to Mr and Mrs G's for lunch yesterday and spotted Gonzales Meat Market.
After my fried chicken, mashed, collard greens, black-eyed peas and banana pudding, I got some takeout from Gonzales for dinner.
It's just North of Southcross on WW White. Brought home a pound each of sausage, brisket and cheesy potatoes. Very reasonable at $7-8/lb for the brisket, I think the sausage was less.
Warmed up the meats in a steamer. Sausage tasty, but a little mealy in texture. Brisket was excellent, great bark, tender, not too lean. Good sauce and the potatoes were great.

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  1. So I made the trip over there this Sat. I did think everything was reasonably priced. I thought the brisket was really lean and wasn't as tender as i expected. Not even close. The sausage was ok. Pork ribs were good. Sauce was good. I did not try any sides, but they potatoes looked great. Tea came from one of those new Coca Cola Company machines where you hit the button for SWEET/UNSWEET/RASPBERRY/GREEN TEA and then it dispenses it out the normal looking tea dispenser, but it is really coming from a hose just like your soda would.

    Overall, If I was in the area and needed a BBQ plate, I would stop again. But I would not make a special trip for this BBQ.