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Oct 14, 2010 07:58 AM

Gonzales Meat Market now in SA

Was on my way to Mr and Mrs G's for lunch yesterday and spotted Gonzales Meat Market.
After my fried chicken, mashed, collard greens, black-eyed peas and banana pudding, I got some takeout from Gonzales for dinner.
It's just North of Southcross on WW White. Brought home a pound each of sausage, brisket and cheesy potatoes. Very reasonable at $7-8/lb for the brisket, I think the sausage was less.
Warmed up the meats in a steamer. Sausage tasty, but a little mealy in texture. Brisket was excellent, great bark, tender, not too lean. Good sauce and the potatoes were great.

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  1. So I made the trip over there this Sat. I did think everything was reasonably priced. I thought the brisket was really lean and wasn't as tender as i expected. Not even close. The sausage was ok. Pork ribs were good. Sauce was good. I did not try any sides, but they potatoes looked great. Tea came from one of those new Coca Cola Company machines where you hit the button for SWEET/UNSWEET/RASPBERRY/GREEN TEA and then it dispenses it out the normal looking tea dispenser, but it is really coming from a hose just like your soda would.

    Overall, If I was in the area and needed a BBQ plate, I would stop again. But I would not make a special trip for this BBQ.