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Oct 14, 2010 07:30 AM

Rick's French Bistro -- Sarasota

Dined last night at Rick's French Bistro on Siesta Drive, opposite the Westfield Southgate shopping center. Very good, classic French bistro fare. Casual, very friendly husband and wife team. Only 30 seats. We lived in Paris for years and to us it’s authentic. Recommended.

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  1. Love the menu, but cannot have butter or cream, so I guess Rick's is not for me........

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    1. re: irwin

      Pretty much all "classic" French food!

    2. Just dined at Rick's French Bistro and it was one of the worst dining experiences of our lives. Not only was the food far too salty and the lamb chops not cooked to order, but the owner rudely challenged us, insinuating that we knew nothing about ordering food. As we left, we heard him complaining about us to other customers. On the food alone, we would never return and in a long life of eating out, we have never been so rudely treated. Also since we were a party of two women, we have to wonder if gender played a role in how we were treated. Where is French chivalry!

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        We ate at Rick's French Bistro quite a while ago and have never returned....the food was the worst French food we have ever eaten...actually some of the worst FOOD we have ever eaten...we were so disappointed.