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Vegetarian substitution for pear/pancetta appetizer

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  • Raids Oct 14, 2010 07:25 AM
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I'm having a cocktail party later this month, and one of the appetizers is basically a pear slice topped with crisped pancetta, goat cheese, and a little honey. I'd like to make some that are vegetarian, but the pancetta brings color, smoke, savory, and salt, so what on earth would I replace it with? Or should I just serve it as pear and honey but with a forward cheese?

Thanks for your thoughts - much appreciated!

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  1. Dried cranberries would be nice.

    1. You could make mini tartlets with bear and a serious blue cheese like Stilton and gorgonzola with perhaps a spring of time laid across each bite. You could also do a pear slice topped with a bit of arugula, blue cheese, a candied walnut, some raspberry vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil to replace the unctiousness you'd get from the pancetta.

      1. use a smoked cheese such as gouda with the pear slice, add a pecan if you want some crunch to it.

        1. There is a smoky blue cheese from Oregon--called something simple like Oregon Smoky Blue from Rogue Creamery--that would be fantastic on pears. I'm sure there are other smoky blues available as well, but the RC is the one I had.

          1. How about chopped smoked nuts? If you couldn't find smoked nuts, I'd roast plain ones in smoked paprika. But I bet you could make them ALL this way and no one would miss the pancetta!

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              I would miss the pancetta...but I love that idea!

              These are great suggestions everyone, thanks!

            2. Pear and pecorino salad can be dressed with walnuts and honey for the same impact.

              1. Blue cheese.

                1. Replace the honey with a balsamic reduction.