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Oct 14, 2010 07:23 AM

Great Dimsum? Willing to travel between New Haven, CT and Hartsdale,NY

We LOVED the old David's Jade Palace on Central Avenue, too bad theyre gone! So we've been going to Central Seafood in Hartsdale since then. However, lately the service at the place has gone down ALOT!

When it's just me and the hubby the cart RARELY passes by us and if I ask the waiter, they barely do anything about it =( When we go there, we know exactly what we want and we're not fussy customers either. We usually get everything at once! But waiting an hour for the cart to get to our table when they can simply just push the cart our way, is sad!

Since I moved to Fairfield from Greenwich, I started to think that going there was not worth it and tried taste of asia in new canaan but it just wasn't as good! I also tried the one in greenwich which was just aweful!

Is there a place similar to David's Jade Palace/Central Seafood? I'm willing to travel between Hartsdale all the way to New Haven for great dimsum with great to reasonably service!

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  1. Aberdeen in White Plains. It is inside a Marriott hotel. Equal to Central Seafood, better service, but slightly more expensive.

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      Great Wall in New Haven is the best I've found locally.

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        Yeah, I really like Great Wall in New Haven also. Nothing beats the unctuous, chewy, lip-coating, melt-in-your-mouth sweet-and-salty goodness of their braised tendon.

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          Do these places have the carts? I'm really craving some shrimp shui mai and chicken feet (others think its gross but i love it when it's done right) and the hubby is craving for some baked pork buns!

          It would be awesome if we didn't have to go all the way to chinatown in NYC at Mei Lai Wah!

      2. If you are willing to go all the way to New Haven then you could also point your car in the other direction and go to Flushing. There are several great options, including Jade Asian, that blow away anything in Connecticut. It takes almost exactly as long as going to Laguardia airport, and is easy to get in and out (although parking can be a chore on Sunday's).

        Lots and lots of talk about Flushing elsewhere on Chowhound.

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          Agreed 1000%...if you crave decent dim sum forget anywhere in CT and head to nearby flushing.