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Oct 14, 2010 06:05 AM

Out of Ideas on the Main Line

I have some family coming in from out of town this Sat night and want to take them to a local restaurant not too far from Bala Cywwyd. Due to parents weekends at Temple and U Penn we are avoiding Center City. So-looking for some ideas on where to take this group of 7 for dinner-two of the group are "non-adventurous" eaters. My ideas so far are Chun Hing for Chinese and Primavera Pizza Kitchen for Italian. however, I think I've taken them to both places before. Any better ideas?

Thanks for any inspiration you can provide!

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  1. There is always the New Tavern for unadventurous white-table cloth good food and libation. Free parking, and close to home if you drink too much.

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      yes that is one of our old standbys too-any more ideas?

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        I just had lunch at Franco's Trattoria on City Line (the old O'Hara's) and it wss quite nice, but a bit pricey comparatively. The Shangri La is also an option right in B.C. and hibachi can be fun. Chef Charin is often overlooked, but they are really a pretty decent spot.

        These are all going to set you back more than Chun Hing, though...

        Shangri La Restaurant
        1 MacArthur Blvd, Somers Point, NJ 08244

    2. A few ideas--Le Bus in Manayunk, Du Jour in Haverford, and Tango in Bryn Mawr. (I'm assuming that Indian--Saffron or Tiffin--would be too adventurous for your crowd.) Instead of Chun Hing you could try Sang Kee, Hunan, or Yang Ming

        1. thank you for all your suggestions. My guests requested an "American bistro" type place. I ended up taking them to Gullifty's, and they were very happy with it :)

          1. Gemelli (Italian) in Narberth is my favorite new spot in the area. I'm also really enjoying the newly re-opened Hunan in Ardmore. And Sang Kee in Wynnewood is pretty good (I really enjoyed a few of the specials the last time went in). You said non-adventurous, so I'll assume that Indian is out... otherwise Tiffin (Wynnewood & Bryn Mawr) and Ekta (Bryn Mawr) are both great choices.

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              thanks for the input rumors. I have been to Gemelli but don't really like the cash only policy.