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Oct 14, 2010 12:44 AM

4 nights in Paris. Need suggestions for a Thursday night

I’ll be in Paris for a few nights in November and need some help picking my last restaurant. It’s two of us and we arrive on Wednesday afternoon and depart via train Sunday afternoon. At the moment we have:
Wed. Dinner: Le Regalade SH for Wed night
Thursday night: open
Friday Dinner: JCD
Saturday: Passage 53
Sunday Brunch / Lunch – Open

For Thursday night I’m deciding between L’Arome, L'Grume, Dominiue Bouchet, and Sauterne. It seems that DB is much different than the others (eg. Price, food) but I’ve heard really good things. Also, taking into consideration the reviews from JT about Sauterne it jumped on the list. Can you help separate my choices? Maybe some of the choices I have listed are really similar to dinners that I already have reserved.

Also, does anyone have a particular Sunday restaurant that they enjoy? I initially was thinking Le Cinq but think that might be too much prior to getting on a 2.5 hour train and also following Passage 53. It doesn't have to be a michelin starred place like Le Cinq but I have read so much about their lunch so that's why I was considering it.

We’re staying in the 8th but distance is not much of a concern as I think the Metro connects the city quite well. Thanks for your help and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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  1. For me, one of the great appeals of Passage 53 is that it is many courses of impeccably sourced and prepared foods, and it is not a heavy, overly rich meal. Accordingly, I think it would be suitable to have lunch at Le Cinq the next day.

    1. A resto named Sauterne in Paris? Raved about by JT?
      Sorriest, do you mean Saturne?

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        Yes, I apologize. I meant Saturne.

      2. I think you have done your research well; I have tried all of your Thurs. choices and to me you can't go wrong with any of your selections. A place we often save for Sunday is Fables de la Fontaine.