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Oct 13, 2010 11:54 PM

Bitchin' Kitchen - Are they kidding???

I'd heard this was coming (I guess it premiered last week and been a YouTube clip posted a while ago) but didn't come across it until this evening. It's not often that I will turn off a cooking show after just a few minutes. This one I did.

OK....... I'm a male with substantial libido left, so I watched this for a few minutes. But................ really!!!!! I thought I'd wandered into an off-Broadway review of some kind....... or a Saturday Night Live sketch. If the cooking had any merit I wouldn't know because I couldn't stick around long enough or get past what I was seeing and hearing.

Check back later and I'll tell you what I REALLY thought of this show.

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  1. I don't know, I thought she was witty, funny, and different. And she has good knowledge of cooking - better than, say, Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee.
    I actually laughed quite a lot during this show, and I appreciate that, especially during these hard economic times.

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    1. re: aurora50

      Exactly my thoughts. An attempt at 'cooking humor' beats the hokey competitions, 30 minute cooking and mostly filler dreck on FN these days. Still, I think the show belongs on FN rather than the Cooking Channel.
      Don't take it seriously, folks!

      1. re: DiveFan

        Who's taking it seriously? LOL, this show just isn't everyones cup of tea

      2. re: aurora50

        I liked her show for a while a few years ago. She is really funny sometimes. She's original in many ways but I feel like she's trying way too hard sometimes. I do an online cooking and lifestyle show on youtube and it is easy to try too hard because you do the routine so much.
        but Nadia is a breath of fresh air these cooking show hosts are so boring and all way too much alike.

      3. It's been on in Canada for a year... I can't watch it for more than about 3 minutes, it's unbearable. Maybe it's a love/hate thing because some people obviously like it but I'd rather gouge out my eyes with an immersion blender.

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        1. re: piano boy

          The show's a one trick pony. It's all built around Nadia G's character of a "goombah" Italian woman (akin to those in the movie Married to the Mob). The show got its start because she had been making short videos for YouTube that were basically comedy sketches with a little bit of (largely satirical) cooking thrown in. From what I gather, producers at the Canadian arm of the Food Network clued on to the YouTube vids, found out she was Canadian (from Montreal) and realized that by helping her parlay her shorts into full blown half hour episodes, they could create some much needed Canadian content to fulfill their broadcast regulation requirements.

          1. re: piano boy

            EXACTLY. Even the commercial makes me blush from embarassment for her.

            1. re: piano boy

              I agree--shlocky and absolutely awful.

            2. Ok, the girl's cute, somewhat amusing, and relatively knowledgable but the over acting male side-kicks are, "freakin' re-diculous, eh?" The flashing/shaking shots of the food are annoying too. This girl whoops the hell out of Padma on Melting Pot, though.....JJ

              1. I read thru her bio and menu on the Cooking Channel website after the first commercial ran. If the tuff language, fluff wardrobe and Italian personna are entertaining the food is likely a secondary consideration. Giada gets tauted for cleavage, Guy for one liners but Bitchin Kitchen comes along and it's whoo hoo... just another example of where our tv entertainment has been heading for some tv appears to be willing to go "there" too.

                1. Isn't Bitchin' Kitchen a blog as well? Is there a relation if so?

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                  1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                    She was/is a You Tube "star" prior to this recent media attention. I think the website reflects her approach exactly.

                    Nadia's photo with Guy F. says it all for me :)