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Oct 13, 2010 07:12 PM

Where to go on Royal Lane and I-35 in North Dallas?

Recommendations for Royal and I-35 area.
No fast food or chain restaurants.
Mexicans, Korean or any ethnic food welcomed.
I have been to Korea House, Sura, the little stalls in Komart, Mariscos Seafood, and a Salvadorean restaurant near the area.

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  1. I think you've answered your own question. Although, I would recommend both, Mama Daughter's Diner at Royal and Harry Hines or, The Mecca a bit south of Royal on Harry Hines for homestyle Texas comfort food aka, "meat and three".

    1. You're in K-town so you have all those options available:
      Namoo/Tree House has the best banchan I've had in town. Kalbi, bulgogi, dolsot bibimbap, all those typical dishes are good. They are particularly known for their seafood pajeon (seafood pancake).

      L.A. Hanbak Sul Lung Tang is good for sul lung tang (as the name infers), and you go there for that exact dish. They specialize in that soup and they do it very well. The beefy broth is milky white because bones are simmered so long that the marrow gets broken down into the soup. You have a choice of several different cuts of beef. All in all this soup can be really soothing, kind of like a good bowl of pho.

      more on the dish:

      You Chun's (opposite side of Royal from the sul lung tang place) specialty is naengmyeon. Not quite the right season for this dish as it is getting colder, but if you are interested, it's a soup with dark slightly chewy buckwheat noodles topped with egg, vegetables, slices of beef, and in cold broth that balances sweet and salty flavors. Getting a side of grilled beef or kalbi (short ribs) would be good with this too. And be warned if you only order naengmyeon you are not going to get any banchan. I prefer their bibim naengmyeon which is topped with gochujang, a spicy sauce, and they serve it with some hot broth on the side.

      more info on the dish.

      1. Seoul Garden - Reeder @ Royal

        Seoul Garden
        2502 Royal Ln Ste 103, Dallas, TX 75229