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Oct 13, 2010 06:52 PM

how long can home made chocolate truffles last?

I plan to make some chocolate truffles from chocolate ganache. Since the recipe contains whipping cream, I wonder How long the truffles can last. Also how should I store them?

Actually I am thinking of bring some chocolate truffles when I visit my parents in a couple of weeks. I will stop over at another city, so the trip will take about 2 days altogether. Will truffles go bad in two days room temperature?

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  1. You should refrigerate them when possible, but it's not absolutely necessary.

    They should be fine for two days without refrigeration (just keep them as cool as possible -- no cooler necessary, but not next to the heater or defroster!).

    I can't tell you how long it takes before truffles go bad...I've never had them last that long.

    Should they get a little too warm, they might develop a waxy-looking "bloom" on the surface -- don't worry, there's nothing wrong with them -- the whitish bloom is the cocoa butter and milk fat coming to the surface, melting a little, then solidifying again. They're completely safe to eat, if not very pretty.

    1. Normally when making ganache, the cream is heated to boiling, which most likely takes care of some bacteria. I've never had truffles spoil, as in go rancid from dairy product spoilage. I usually refrigerate them to chill and set up, but serve them at room temp. I doubt that two days will make any difference in their quality. A cooler environment, as sunshine842 notes, is always better than warmer when storing chocolate.

      1. For a road trip, I would use a cooler because your going to have to stop the car sooner or later.

        The truffles spoiling isn't the problem. Melting is the problem. Even on a cool day the sunlight heats up the interior of a car rapidly. Chocolate starts to melt at 94 degrees F.

        When I make large batches of truffles, I keep them in my air conditioned home for 3-5 days without any problem. I have kept boxed truffles in a refrigerator for 2 weeks.

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          I suppose it all depends on where you're going....if it's cool, say 70F or less, then don't worry about it.

          If you're headed somewhere warmer, an ice pack would help it from getting warm enough to melt.

          1. re: sunshine842

            Why take a chance? Who doesn't have a cooler?

            1. re: Hank Hanover

              because it's not necessary....even high-end chocolate shops sell boxed truffles at room temperature.

              If I were driving Atlanta to Miami, yeah, a cooler. To Chicago? No reason to.