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Mix and Match Fiestaware - Help!

I am looking to buy some Fiestaware for my apartment, and I particularly like the brown.

But, I really want white dinner plates. Would it be strange to have that set entirely in brown and just the dinner plate white? Should I also get the salad plate in white?

Once suggestion I received was to get the dinner plate in white, the salad plate in brown, the bowl in a sunflower yellow, and the mug in brown.

Thoughts? I know "you can mix, match and create a look that's all your own" but I don't want an ugly look - then I would all on my own.

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  1. I like the idea of mixing the brown, yellow an white.

    1. I think mixing and matching complementary colours would look better than having everything brown but the dinner plates. With the latter, you only have one item that is different from the rest, so it look unbalanced.

      1. I have a set of green and a set of yellow, and it's nice. Kinda fun, and they're very complementary.

        1. Go check out the combination by putting them all together in front of you at a department store that carries Fiestaware. If you like it, then go for it.

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          1. I think you have the right idea, food really looks it's best on a white plate. I'm sure there are those who will disagree, but restaurants use white plates for a reason, and it's not because they're cheaper, it's becaue the food looks better.

            I think you can mix and match, I agree with several of the other posts, just the white plates may look a bit odd, so you may want some other white pieces or add the third color. As suggested, head to the department store and start arranging and see what you like.

            And congratulations on choosing Fiestaware, made in the USA.

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              I think I am going to do white dinner plate, white salad plate, brown bowl, and brown mug. While I like the colors of the Fiestaware plates, I think white is the way to go for the plates.

            2. LOL We bought 15 different colors and just grab the top plates as we go. We're weird that way.

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                Same for us. We have lots of vintage fiestaware, bought piece by piece over the years. Usually there's a good mix of colors on the table, but sometimes I'll use all yellow and green or another combo to complement either the food or the tablecloth.

              2. It's hard to make any combination of Fiesta colors look bad if you have the right tablecloth & napkins.
                Take a look at this woman's collection: http://tinyurl.com/Fiesta-Ware-2010
                Want more? Look here: http://tinyurl.com/Fiesta-Ware-2009
                She doesn't seem to have repeated a combination in 2 years.

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                1. re: KansasKate

                  I personally like Lemongrass and Chocolate. Throwing white in that mix would be magical.

                  Those two might be my favourite combo of two... Coffee looks beautiful in the Lemongrass mug, whether you take cream or not.

                  1. re: J.Dish

                    I ended up with the white, brown and sunflower. They work really well together! Here is a pic of some soup I made in my new fiestaware :)


                2. In the Fiesta factory store in Newell, WV, I've seen them display the brown with the ivory color and lemongrass. They've also shown it with the turquoise blue and the ivory color. Also, in fall, they've shown it with tangerine, sunflower, and lemongrass.

                  Seems there's a lot of potential.