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Oct 13, 2010 06:22 PM

Tomatoes in the South Bay / Avoiding BPA

I'm trying to avoid BPA but I currently use a lot of canned tomatoes for pasta sauces, Indian gravies, etc. I'm relatively new to the area and CA growing seasons - how long will fresh tomatoes last at the farmers' markets? Anybody know of a place to get tomatoes in glass bottles (I know I COULD do them myself but I just don't have the time)? Thanks so much!

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  1. Whole foods carries two brands in glass bottles - check the los altos store
    Can also get it online through Amazon - search for Bionaturae - sauce or paste

    Azure standard also carries it - search for Bionaturae

    1. I'm pretty sure that Happy Girl Kitchen sells their canned tomatoes (in glass jars) at farmers markets through the year. Their website says that they sell at the Palo Alto farmer's market on Sundays.

      1. You will find fresh tomatoes in CA farmer's markets almost year round, although in December and January they will be harder to find, very expensive, and the quality not very good. They are hothouse grown and have kind of a funny texture.

        Whole Foods 365 generic organic tomatoes are sold in non-BPA lined cans. Surprisingly, they do not advertise this. The quality of the tomatoes themselves is only so-so, but they are better than many regular supermarket tomatoes, and the price is good. I use these as my generic cooking tomato for daily non-special meals.

        Whole Foods also sells crushed imported italian tomatoes in wax boxes. Those tomatoes are awesome, but fairly expensive. I can't remember if they're organic or not.

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          Thanks everyone for the great info! Petrelline - the Whole Foods tomato cans do contain BPA. Apparently a lot of the sales associates don't know this and there is some bad info out there, but the WF website confirms that they use BPA linings in their canned goods.

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            I am fairly sure that the WF boxed tomatoes are not organic, otherwise I would be buying them. I'm currently using the jarred puree/sauce or fresh tomatoes. I think in the winter, I'll buy the organic romas from mexico at TJ and WF.

            If I had a chest freezer, I'd seriously consider chopping and freezing a bunch of farmer's market tomatoes now.

          2. Look for Pomi brand strained and chopped tomatoes. I've recently seen prices varying between $2.45 and $4.19. I've been using that brand for years because the flavor is the best I've found.