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Oct 13, 2010 04:14 PM

Reid's Fine Foods re-opening in Charlotte

I moved to Charlotte just before Reid's closed. I see it is re-opening shortly. What were they known for? What do you expect from the new store?

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  1. They plan to open a "pop up" store of sorts in Selwyn corners (the old Fresh Market?) to be open for the holiday season. They will close in January for a complete rehab of the space. I suspect they will focus on their food gift basket business. If they can try to copy what A Southern Season does, I'd be pretty happy, but I will definitely miss their meat market.

    Fresh Market
    4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

    A Southern Season
    201 S Estes Dr Ste 101, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

    1. Reid's was known for a really good butcher shop, prepared foods, its wine selection and gift baskets. As hazardnc says, I suspect the new location will focus on the gift baskets, and I would also suspect the wine and the prepared foods.