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Oct 13, 2010 04:06 PM

Lunch places along I-55 between Bolingbrook & Chicago

My son and I have to drive I-55 between Bolingbrook & Chicago a lot in the next few months. Are there any good places to grab lunch along the way?

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  1. Since you're asking about lunch, this is a mid-day drive. And a mid-day drive between Chicago and Bolingbrook should take about 45-50 minutes. So there's probably no need to stop for lunch!

    However, if you still want to stop for lunch, the northbound exits at Lagrange Rd, rt83, and Cass Ave hold the most promise. I'd probably stop at Dell Rhea's, which is on a stretch of the original route 66. Take rt83 north, turn right at the first stoplight, make an immediate right, and follow the road to Dell Rhea's.

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      Actually we do stop. The drive involves a teenaged boy (always hungry) who has just done a lot of physical therapy. We never know where to go in Chicago with a car that needs parking and the fact that the boy can't walk far. (In Chicago we park on East Superior at RIC).

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          I'm afraid Dell Rhea's must have gone down hill since most Chowhound folks have been there. I went last week for lunch and it was pretty awful. The chicken was greasy and tasted like cheap frying oil.

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        I would also suggets Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket, really tasty fried chicken.
        Also at the Rt 83 exit North, there is a Patio (ribs/BBQ) in Darien, it's not the most fabulous food but pretty tasty.

      2. I would head to Falcos' Pizza on I-55 and Rt. 83 (Kingery). Great old school Chicago pizza:

        Falco's Pizza
        561 S Frontage Rd, Willowbrook, IL 60527

        1. Actually one of the best noodle houses in the entire Chicago area is in Westmont on Cass Rd, here:

          Katy's Dumpling House
          665 N. Cass Ave.
          Westmont, IL 60559
          (630) 323-9393

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            Katy's is a 10-15 minute drive from I-55, and a lot more if you're unlucky and get caught by a train on the (very busy) Burlington Northern tracks that run through downtown Westmont.

            If Chinese is of interest, Chinese Kitchen (just south of 63rd on Cass) would be a much better alternative.

          2. You already have a Portillo's in B Brook, but a nice half way mark might be their store on Harlem south of 55th. Exit 171 south if heading to city, Harlem if coming home.

            1. Would also be nice to know if there were good spots for ice cream on this route, or bakeries.

              How about middle eastern food? How about Mexican food?