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Oct 13, 2010 03:53 PM

Young ...energized breakfast places?

All summer I travelled from city to city & one of my favorite things was finding great breakfast places. Many of these places had a great energy about them..,daily specials of locally FRESH grown or harvested foods, good coffee, a little risk in the menu. But alas, I live 9 months a year in south florida, I am not trying to insult or make anyone feel bad, but our breakfast delis of old blue hairs & plain bagels aint cutting it! Does anybody have any places that they would recommend that fit the above characteristics?

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  1. How about giving an area or city of interest?

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    1. re: freakerdude

      My bad....Ft,lauderdale area...central or south broward county. Even down into Miami,,

      1. re: shackna13

        The only place I can think of that may fit the bill is Michael's Genuine.

      1. re: newfood

        I'm in love with Sakaya Kitchen. Pork buns are dee-lectable, as is pretty much everything else on the menu. It's in Midtown in Miami.

        1. re: jessierandall

          I'm very fond of Sakaya Kitchen too but they don't do breakfast (although you may see some more brunch-y type items on Sunday).

      2. Lemme give you a little more . . shall we say, organic, answer?

        When you're in other cities, how do you find these 'great breakfast places' with 'great energy?' Do you seek the input of friends, people you're visiting, street buskers or vendors? Do you travel to sketchy neighborhoods? Peruse the local alternative media? Ask where the gang from the local trendy club is going for breakfast after dancing all night?

        When you're home in SoFla, don't you have the same circle of 'young . . . energized' friends who can suggest places for you to hang?

        Too often, we tend to believe the grass is greener in NYC, or LA, or Ottumwa, IA, or Scottsdale, AZ -- when, in reality, the same places exist near home -- we just don't seek them out because they're . . .near home! Too often we don't spend the energy necessary to see different places near home because, well . . . they're near home, and therefore not exotic or special or different.

        A prophet is without honor in his own land.

        Try to look at your neighborhood as if you were a tourist. I'm sure 'young . . .energized' places exist -- you just have to look beyond the Q-tips to find them.

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        1. re: southocean

          "A prophet is without honor in his own land."

          Wow what a wonderful, insightful post, southocean. This should be posted somewhere where everyone can read it.

          "Try to look at your neighborhood as if you were a tourist"

          Great stuff!

          1. re: CFByrne

            It is a wonderful sentiment.
            Unfortunately family and I have made an effort to be local tourists and there is a disconnect between "local tourist" and "community" in parts of south FL.
            It has been discussed in several threads across this board - why no trader joes? who no good farmers markets? where can I find locally grown produce and meats?
            I think this is perhaps a bigger issue, but I hope I am wrong.

            1. re: Mega

              The local food movement and farmer's markets are improving, albeit slowly. I have been a member of a CSA and am now a member of a differnt one which suits me a bit better. I can get organics more easily than I once did, and there are people in Miami's Redlands who are increasingly involved with getting more local food to the table. So I think we just have to be a bit more patient and hope this continues.

              I also thought southocean's post was thoughtful, even though the grass is greener elsewhere, though a bad metaphor for MIA at the end of the rainy season.

              1. re: Mega

                Just thought I'd mention... but Trader Joe's and "good farmers markets" do not belong in the same paragraph. Trader Joe's has nothing to do with a good local food scene.