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Oct 13, 2010 02:51 PM

Help with K-town late night TV viewing options

I'm looking for a late night place in Koreatown that has big screen TVs (yeah, yeah, I know...pretty obvious)...but I ask because of my lack of familiarity with the area.

Any leads I can follow up on with phone calls would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Blink in the plaza on the northeast corner of Alexandria and Wilshire - it's on the second floor - can't miss it. Loungy, bar food, big screens.

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    1. re: waterisgood

      A belated thank you to waterisgood.

    2. how late?

      biergarten on western has a giant screen but i think they only open till 12 for now. they speak english there too which might help.

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      1. re: frank828

        Thanks Frank. 10:30-12 ish is fine.