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Oct 13, 2010 02:03 PM


Need to arrange 4 different dinners in Montreal in November. I"m from Los Angeles and NYC so eat very well already. I'm therefore looking for "uniquely" Montreal dining experiences.

FIRST DINNER(THURS.) I have to arrange a business dinner for 12. Also needs to be mid-ranged since some in the party are not as well compensated as others. We are staying at Le Centre Sheraton, Boulevard Rene-Levesque West and so should be not too far from there.

SECOND DINNER (SAME NIGHT!): My wife arrives and will want late night bistro fare near our hotel.

THIRD DINNER (FRIDAY): Dinner with foodie friends from Chicago. They are international eaters. Good wine list a must!! Can be further from hotel that night.

FOURTH DINNER (SATURDAY): Romantic dinner with the missus for our 15th anniversary. WOULD love it to be in a neighborhood that we can wander around after and listen to jazz, drink, etc.

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  1. What's the budget? Mid range could mean a lot of things.

    Just would like to add, make sure it's not a game night. If it is, the restaurants around that area will be packed, so best to get further away from restaurants pre-match, and avoid sports bar/restaurant all over the city for the entire evening.

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      Good questions....say $30 per person with wine.

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        For your first dinner: Even setting aside the downtown requirement, you're going to have a hard time finding decent food and a suitable business dinner venue at that price. Downtown and "uniquely Montreal" make it nearly impossible. What are you willing to compromise on: location? price? wine? atmosphere?

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          Thanks carswell. I don't know much about the city. We would be able to taxi to another neighborhood if that is necessary. I changed the title of my post because I decided to ask for help with other meals too (Sorry for the confusion, should be available in its new form now).

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            A few suggestions for the first dinner:

            - MAS Cuisine Will require a taxi or subway ride to Verdun. Will probably require you to go slightly over budget. May not be willing to accept a party as big as yours and, if it is, you may have to separate the group into two or three tables.

            - Au Petit Extra Will require a taxi or subway ride and walk to the East End. You'll have to order carefully to stay within budget. Ambiance is more bustling neighbourhood bistro than hushed business venue.

            - One of the city's many BYOB restaurants. Unfortunately there aren't many downtown and the few there are are (trying to be diplomatic) unexceptional. Try Chez Ennio on de Maisonneuve for red-sauce Italian or (can't believe I'm suggesting this) L'Académie on Crescent for more contemporary Franco-Italian. There are lots more BYOB places in 'hoods adjacent to downtown. Most offer a table d'hôte, which includes soup or salad, a main, coffee/tea and sometimes dessert, with appetizers and desserts costing extra. Prices in the French places run $18-$25 in the less expensive joints to $30-50 in the more expensive ones, with à la carte apps and desserts usually running $5 to $10.

            - If you're willing to do ethnic, the downtown Ethiopian resto Magdala would meet all your other requirements. Ditto the excellent Cuisine Szechuan, except it doesn't have a liquor licence.

            Chez Ennio
            1978 Boul De Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC H3H1K5, CA

            1. re: carswell

              Ditto on Magdala,but be aware that Ethiopian cuisine is eating with your hands, so if you are all in suits, it might not be a good idea ;)

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                Mas Cuisine will not take a reservation for a group of more than 6. Not even if you want to split up at different tables. So perhaps for a dinner for 2, yes, but don't even try for a party of 12.

                Mas Cuisine
                3779 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G, CA

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              Also, carswell et al, if the first request is impossible to answer or not interesting to you, i hope you'll go on to helping me with the other two meals, especially Friday and Saturday's.

              1. re: dpe

                For the other meals, look through earlier threads. There's been lots of discussion, even recent discussion, of dining possibilities. For example, here's a link to an overview thread (slightly outdated, though; La Montée has left downtown for the Mile End neighbourhood, Bouchonné is no more, etc.):

                You can also do searches on key words like downtown and the name of your hotel.

              2. re: carswell

                He's right, 30$ including wine and tip isn't much.

                THURS (party of 12)
                For a large party of non-foodie people, you could try Baton Rouge. It's a local chain with mid-range food. Steaks, ribs etc... When you're booking for a group you need to be able to please everyone, so exotic food isn't always a good idea. You could also think about BYOB options, but there are none around your hotel. Make reservations, wherever you choose to go.

                THURS (late night)
                So you might have eaten but your wife not? Go to Lemeac and opt for their 22$ 10pm set menu. It's absolutely delicious. So much that i would recommend you eat very light for the business dinner (or takeout).

                For the rest, your criteria is broader so you have a lot of options. Check out Laloux, Lemeac (again), Club Chasse et Peche ($$$), Au Pied De Cochon ($$$), DNA ($$$), L'express... There are tons of suggestions on these boards.

          2. If you want to combine dinner and jazz, the two places downtown are House of Jazz and Upstair's. I've only ever been to the former but have never eaten there. The music is usually pretty top-notch. Dieze Onze on St-Denis, just to the northeast of downtown, is another dinner and jazz place, though smaller and a little more casual.

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              i would skip baton rouge, eaten there several times for convenience in montreal and also in ontario and not impressed. For proximity you might try ferriera late night special or also you could go to dominion tavern both reasonable in price and you can walk from your hotel, weather can be lousy in november so proximity can be a plus. and you could wander over to house of jazz for a drink at bar before or after dinner.