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Oct 13, 2010 01:50 PM

Veganomicon Recipes for Shabbat?

I just cracked open a copy of the Veganomicon cookbook by Moscowitz and Romero and made the kasha pie for Shabbat lunch. Yummy!
Has anyone else used this book for vegetarian Shabbat entrees or side dishes? Any recommendations on which recipes from this book I should try next?

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  1. Chocolate chocolate walnut cookies are amazing! I"m not vegan in the least but I'm hooked on these cookies and make them all the time!

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      The recipe looks great. Do you make them with or without the flax seeds?

      1. re: mamaleh

        with! you need them (in the absence of eggs) to make the cookies moist, plus they're super healthy!

        1. re: mamaleh

          I've successfully made some vegan cookie recipes with eggs instead of flax seeds. I didn't have flax seeds and the cookies needed to be parve, not vegan.

      2. I've made some recipes from their website- theppk.com. The recipes are not all written by the cookbook authors, but are nice starting points for vegan recipes.
        Some that I've made-
        - chickpea noodle soup (I used no chicken broth, not veggie)
        - orange ginger baked tofu
        - scrambled tofu (first time I made it I used the recipe, now I just add everything in the fridge)

        Another great cookbook for veggie Shabbat lunch ideas is How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. The recipes all have tons of variations and for the most part are pretty simple. Many of the vegetarian recipes have vegan options.