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Oct 13, 2010 01:44 PM

Cheaper Eats in Paris

Salut toute le monde - I feel bad adding to the seemingly hackneyed query on Chowhound of what to do (or rather, eat) if you're in Paris for New Years but I've read through many posts and am still left wanting for suggestions. I am 22 and will be in Paris for Dec 30 and 31st traveling with 2 other women (27 and 30). I've gleaned from you all that eating out on Dec 31st is a big no-no so I am looking for some place for dinner on the 30th and for lunch on the 31st. I am staying on rue Cujas (around where the 5th and 6th meet). We are looking for somewhere on the cheaper side, for us meaning 50E or less per person. I would like my visitors to experience French cuisine and a fun dining experience, but we cannot afford anything extravagant. Among us are 2 meat enthusiasts while I only eat fish. Please help if you can!

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  1. You are in walking distance of 2 good and totally different places; Les Papilles and Au Petit Marguery...both offer French cuisine within your price range. There will be a much wider choice at the latter, no choice at the former.

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      The old Perraudin is nearby; good for photo ops, and you might get lucky with the food. Laidback has given you the two best options in that vicinity.

    2. If you only eat fish, then Les Papilles may not be your best bet since you get no choice...but then again, if you go for lunch, I think they have a bistro type menu with other options. Go to their website and see what's available besides the "Retour du marche" menu. Your friends will love it, and you will, too, if you find something you can eat. The amount of food and quality of food for the price is really amazing. The setting is adorable, service is friendly, and they make it all in this tiny kitchen with barely room for two.

      I have no idea who is open or closed for the 30th/31st....but there's also Fish La Boissonnerie in the 6th which I believe has great fish & meat selections.

      Les Fables de la Fontaine in the 7th if you go for lunch. They have excellent seafood. Get the appetizer of prawns wrapped in basil and lightly fried. I dream about them.

      Regalade St Honore near the Louvre,

      Chez L'Ami Jean in the 7th for lunch (or even the 40e chef's tasting menu for dinner). That would be a great experience. Make reservations for all these places though.

      There's also a cute little place called Mamie Gateaux in the 6th, at Metro St.-Placide. Would be a great lunch spot for quiche and that sort of thing. And Polaine is right up the road if you wanted to stop in afterwards for some of their famous cookies. Or if you head east a bit, some of the best chocolatiers in Paris: Sadaharu Aoki, Christian Constant, & Jean-Charles Rochoux. A light lunch followed by chocolate & pastries sounds like French perfection to me!

      1. comptoir du relais for lunch. lovely soups and salads (and a lot more)
        relalade st honore for dinner. unbelievable at 33e

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          Oh good call on Le Comptoir! Try to get there at 11:30am to get a table for lunch, it can fill up fast. Great people-watching.

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            Les Papilles wil accommodate vegetarians. Just let them know ahead of time. I contacted Bertrand about my daughter not eating meat but that should would eat fish. He said no problem so we now have a dinner reservation there.

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              Perfect!! Email him, he's really friendly and responds quickly.

        2. 2 thoughts - many places New Year's eve lunch have reduced cartes, anticipating the evening so beware.
          One fish place bound to be open and with a full carte is the Bistro du Dome - not the Mothership Dome.

          1. Le Pré Verre (rue Thénard-rue du Sommerard between rue des Ecoles and bd St-Germain) fits your bill perfectly. And their lunch menu was 12 euros the last time I was there (must be 15 now but likely not much more).

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                The food was so so - not bad but I don't remember a single dish - but Bill Bryson was at the next table…