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What ever happened to Don Peppe's in Ozone Park?

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I used to dine here on many occasions and have always enjoyed the experience. But the last time I was there, (about 6 months ago) we had a a pretty bad experience.
First of all, you can't park around there, you must park on the street and it is usually a pain to find parking anywhere in the area. We walked in and right a way I knew something was wrong because there were so many empty tables.

It was brought to my attention that it is cash only. No problem, they must have an ATM then. Wrong. The ATM is next door at a supermarket. So I run over to the ATM to take out some money. Of course the ATM in the supermarket is broke. So I have to resort to buying a pack of gum and getting cash back from the supermarket cash register. Obviously the supermarket limits you to $50 cash back. Good thing I had some cash on me or I would have had to end the night there.

So I finally sit down. There are no menus. The menu is posted on the wall as far away as possible from the table we were sitting at. Also they post the menu at just the right height so people walking by, and sitting in front of it block anyone else from reading it.

Decided on something simple. Mozzarella and tomatoes for an appetizer and spaghetti and meat sauce for the meal. How can you screw that up? They don't have any bar and their wine is from hunger. The menu is fairly small and is just typical Italian food like pasta, chicken Parmesan, etc... Nothing special. The appetizer was great but $21 ($14 times 1.5. More on that later) for some cheese and tomatoes is pretty expensive. The pasta came out and was al dente. Too hard for my taste. After we ate we decided on some dessert. They were out of almost everything so we just got whatever they had left.

For heavens sake wake up to the modern times and take credit cards!

Don Peppe
135-58 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11420

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  1. Just curious...you say you've dined there on many occasions...well, nothing has changed there. The parking has always been the same, as has the cash only policy, and the menu. I think you must have this mixed up with another place.

    1. I have not had an unpleasant experience at Don Peppe's during my three recent visits.
      Like others, I am aware of the cash-only policy and aware that I will have to park a block or so away (never needed to look for more than five minutes to find a spot). The clams, the pastas and the service always please. And, the cheap house wine, served chilled, while far from being something a wine expert would enjoy, just adds to the experience.

      Don Peppe
      135-58 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11420