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Oct 13, 2010 01:04 PM

Restaurant coupon/discount service in Australia


I was curious whether Australia has any "daily discount" or "daily deal" services where you get coupons for (good) restaurants. In the U.S. there are services like Blackboard Eats and Groupon

Thank you!

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  1. In a word, no. The main coupon sites very occasionally have a coupon for a new restaurant but it's usually to drum up business for somewhere middle of the road. The other big thing in Australia is a book of coupons you buy and use through the year. Again, pitched at more local restaurants.

    That said, many restaurants run their own offers, usually based around special nights or BYO.

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      1. there is also LIving Social

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          1. Stay away from them, they are the last hope of failing restaurants and will rip you off. If $20 for a bottle of wine, two mains and a desert sounds like a good deal in Melbourne CBD it's because it is. Pay the extra money and go to a respectable restaurant, trust me. Burned twice by living social, never again. One of the restaurants I got a coupon for went under before I could even exercise the coupon and Living Social will take no responsibility for that.

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              I agree with egeibel - but we're not saying there aren't any deals around. Restaurants themselves will often have offers on their website or twitter feed, particularly for quiet nights like Tuesday and Wednesday. This could range from a special menu and/or price, through BYO.