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Oct 13, 2010 12:59 PM

Dinner in Quebec...which one?

New to Chowhound, but have read recent posts on Quebec. Trying to decide on some dinner places. These looked interesting.

Cafe Bistro Du Cap - little bistro with daily menu..local?
L'Echaude - high end bistro..recommended?
Bistro Sous Le Fort....more polished and bigger menu...looks tasty?
Le Feu Sacre - great reviews and not just for the steak...seems a winner?
Le Lapin Sauté - popular but good?

Any and all suggestions and comments much welcome!

Cafe Bistro Du Cap
67 Rue Du Sault-Au-Matelot, Quebec, QC G1K3Y9, CA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I read chowhound and then went on line for reviews. Cafe Bistro Du Cap got excellent reviews for lunch and dinner. They said, Very small and run by a husband and wife, fresh, fabulous and deserts worth saving space for...a little gem of a place. L'Echaude was recommended as outstanding, delicious, a must visit, to overrated and "Nice but not as good as the Cap just down the street" so that is a mixed review for sure. Bistro Sous Le Fort reviewed for dinner as - Maybe the best meal we had in QC, Great Food in Great Location and “A Treasure, so all good reviews. Le Feu Sacré got great reviews for a menu of lamb, seared cod, and the steaks were all Fantastique!. I sort of like this one, have you been there? I looked up Le Pain Beni. It got mixed reviews on both service and quality. Most were positive, but some were not. It was reviewed as -The food lacked seasoning and the soup was cold and greasy and half full, it is suppose to have cheese overflowing the top of the bowl - I agree with that - the calamari. had more breading than calamari and the cod entree at $32. This time it did arrive hot, but the portion of fish on the plate was embarrassingly small. The fish was in a relatively devoid of flavor broth and surrounded by several gnocchi type fillers, to make up for the paucity of fish, but alas it was still small and exceedingly overpriced. I would not be comfortable dining here with this most recent review, although the hotel looks great so I think we will book there. Le moine échanson looked wonderful and unique, but quite a ways away from old town. Anything like that in old town?

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        Thanks for the report! My husband and I will be in Quebec in a week and will try Le Feu Sacre. You might take a look at Paillard and Chez Temporel and Cafe du Clocher Penche also.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Take a look at my recent review, too. From your list above, we went to l'Echaude, Sous le Fort, and Lapin and enjoyed all of them. I would say l'Echaude was the "nicest". I definitely wouldn't call Sous le Fort more polished, though. However, it was very good. We loved Lapin Saute. I'd have a tough time picking between L'Echaude and Lapin-they were both so delicious. Either is a good choice, perhaps you should take a look at the menus and decide that way. I think some people consider Lapin to be a "must try" in QC. Regarding Pain Beni, I covered that in my review as well. I will agree that the serving of cod was paltry. It was a good restaurant, but I guess it was just so hard to live up to the hype I had read on this board. Plus, I don't get too excited about "foams" and things like that. Have a delicious time!

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          That's a great report. Thanks so much. I like the menu at Sous le Fort & L'Echaude.

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            Recently back from Quebec and will be posting my report this week end, my choice would be:
            Le Pain Béni, Le Moine Echanson and la Bete!

        2. Last visit went to Le Clocher Penche in St Roch area- about a 20 minute walk from the lower port. By far the best meal we've had in Quebec; superb but limited menu. Can't wait to go back, it's worth the trip out of the old town. Also enjoyed the Hobbitt- much lower scale-and cheaper- but a great meal for the price. Let's face it- a mediocre restaurant in Quebec city is like a very good restaurant most places!