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Oct 13, 2010 12:22 PM

Fondue and Quebec

I've been attempting at researching Fondue and its relation/importance in Quebec.
I am currently looking for opinions and advice about the subject.
I am curious as to whether or not Quebec citizens enjoy/partake in any type of Fondue?

Thank you

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  1. Yes we do ... and a local twist is Fondue Chinoise - which is not Chinese at all!


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    1. re: pyropaul99

      Actually, it sort of is Chinese. Its the western equivalent of a hot pot. Like many of our so-called chinese dish, it's a deformed version of the original meal. Here's the wiki on it:

      And yes, fondue (the western kind) very well loved by Quebecers. It's particularly a fun group dish and people love having it at chalet or on vacation because it is a very slow meal.

      1. re: SourberryLily

        The entry on Fondue Chinoise is in this wikipedia article:

        I guess the difference between hotpot and chinese fondue would be in the sauces/flavoring of the broth and in the forks. Instead of chopsticks, people wrap thinly sliced meat on fondue forks and cook it. I think people used to cook beef, pork and chicken mostly, but now all sorts of veggies and meats are cooked. Basically, if you can roll it on a fork or stick a fork in it, you can cook it in a fondue pot. And for those things that defy forks, there is always the little basket used to fish out veggies from a hot pot. Every family seems to have its signature sauces that go with fondue. The broth can be onion soup or one of the canned fondue broths that supermarkets sell. Sometimes, the simple fondue is a generational battleground between the elders that think it's okay to mix raw and cooked meat in their plates since they've been doing it all their lives, and the young who think they know it all. Anything that is said about the subject seems to be taken by both groups as an attack on their generation and their values.