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Oct 13, 2010 11:50 AM

Visions Skillet

I was cleaning out some drawers and found a small Visions Cookware skillet. I want to be able to use it. Most of the research I've done on it just shows people that are selling theirs as "antiques." Does anybody have any experience using this brand?

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  1. I have no experience with this brand, but I encourage you to use it. Because glass and ceramic have dramatically lower conductivity than even the poorest-conducting metals, you will probably need to dial your heat up a bit.

    Please let us know what you learn and how it goes.

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      So far, I burned a corn cake in it--my fault though. I wasn't paying attention. It cleaned beautifully.

    2. MrsT, we had a Visions skillet and a matching pot decades ago. At that time, we had only a coil-top electric range.

      Our experience was that the Visions cookware was useful only with a long lead time. We had to warm up the skillet or pot for at least five minutes before the inside transmitted enough heat to the food to perform any work. Then we had to get the heat just right, because the Visions pieces were slow to respond to changes of the control of the range. Undershoot and overshoot were a problem.

      1. Visions works very well reheating thick, starchy foods in the microwave - mashed potatoes, refried beans, grits and the like. I have no experience using a Visions skillet for browning.

        1. I have a small Visions skillet which I use to make one grilled cheese sandwich. I also use it for toasting almonds. Works great.

          1. Wow! blast from the past. I've used this and other Vision cookware. Takes time to heat up and if you're using coils will tell you whether yours are consistent or have hotspots (because that's where everything will burn). I remember that it seared okay but couldn't be used for eggs or pancake/crepe applications. The pots worked really well in the oven for braising.