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Oct 13, 2010 10:24 AM

Reading near Miller Center?

We'll be traveling from the Philadelphia area to the Miller Center for a concert in early November. Looking for a nice place for an early dinner before the show. Looking for nice atmosphere (not too loud - traveling with the parents) and good food. Close to the Miller Center would be ideal.
Thank you for any suggestions!

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  1. Hello,
    There are a few good restaurants in downtown Reading within a few blocks:
    Judy's on Cherry--upscale Mediterranean food, can get a bit pricey but a nice, warm atmosphere and good food.
    The Peanut Bar--a classic Reading restaurant, has been on the Travel Channel, upscale pub-type food.
    Hong Thanh--a Vietnamese BYOB, nice atmosphere, good bang for the buck. If you like Vietnamese food, this is the best restaurant in the area.
    Across the bridge in West Reading, you will find many great restaurants:
    Bistro 614--more upscale, cute
    Papillon Brasserie--BYOB, French, casual

    I believe all of these places have websites that you can find easily through google. Enjoy!

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